A new prototype floating park has opened in the Rotterdam harbour. Made entirely from recycled material, it is meant to be a nature-friendly environment.

The Recycled Park covers an area of 140 meters square and was officially opened on 4 July. It is located at the mouth of the Nieuwe Maas River at Tillemakade 99. The floating park is unique as it actively cleans the river, stopping plastics from the city before they enter the ocean.

Rotterdam floating park
The Recycled Park is made in in modular hexagonal sections that can be expanded. (Image by Recycled Park)

The park was constructed from material that were retrieved or recycled in modular hexagonal sections. This means that it can be expanded as more material is connected. It includes seating areas as well as habitats for small animals such as flatworms, snails, larva, beetles and fish.

Rotterdam’s new floating park serves important ecological functions

The Recycled Park is meant to show visitors the vast amounts of waste that can be found in rivers and oceans. However, it also illustrates how this waste can be reused in creative and useful ways.

According to the project’s creator Ramon Knoester, “This prototype shows the potential of what we can do with marine litter. Recycled Park is a floating green structure where birds are nesting, fish are swimming, and where people can enjoy a relaxing moment on the water. From the two seating elements the visitors can see how nature occupies this first new combination of artificial and natural landscape.”

The floating park was developed by the Recycled Island Foundation, whose litter traps have been collecting plastics from the Nieuwe Maas River for the last year and a half. More information can be found at the Recycled Park’s official website.


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