New Interactive Hollow Hotel To Terrify Visitors in London

A new thrilling horror-themed hotel guaranteed to be spine-tinglingly terrifying has just opened in London. The Hollow Hotel is inspired by the real-life 19th-century death-trap murder hotel run by infamous serial killer H. H. Holmes.

While H. H. Holmes is suspected to have killed over 200 people, confessing to only 27, the new hotel combines theatre with escape room games. Designed by DifferencEngine, it plans to offer a unique experience. It is located in the old Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey. Combining storytelling with the kind of jump scares usually found at haunted houses, it is set to be more psychological horror than outright gore.

The Hollow Hotel was inspired by the World’s Fair Hotel, better known as the H. H. Holmes Castle.
Experience Horrifying Thrills at the Hollow Hotel

The experience begins with guests being welcomed to the grand re-opening of the Hollow Hotel by reception staff. They are then taken to their rooms, where the journey truly begins, and  “…if you listen to the whispers in its winding corridors, you might lose yourself as each turn entices you to delve further in; until you can’t turn back. Journey through a maze of hidden passageways that will either lay you to rest or lead you further into the hotel’s dark heart”.

It will be more a psychological experience than a gorefest

Visitors can interact with props and characters, as they partake in a journey that will challenge their morals. According to the organizers, “there are different journeys that audience members may have as they begin to fall into the bowels of the hotel, where they will be taunted with challenges and meet other characters and try to uncover why the hotel was built this way and by whom”.

Jon Cooper, co-founder at DifferencEngine hopes that this will be “a show that would change the way you saw hotels permanently.”

The tickets for the Hollow Hotel cost just £23 and can be booked here.


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