New Luxury Safari Train Takes You Through Zimbabwe

The spectacular beauty and diverse wildlife of Africa are perhaps best seen on a safari. Like many other countries in southern Africa, Zimbabwe offers a unique experience, and one of the best ways to experience it could be on a luxury sleeper train.

The Stimela Star, Zimbabwe’s only private overnight sleeper train, can now be experienced as part of Expert Africa’s ten-day Yellow Billed Hornbill Safari. The UK-based African travel agency combines the chance to take in the majesty of the Victoria Falls as well as the game-rich Hwange National Park.

One of the best ways to experience Zimbabwe is on a train.
Experience Zimbabwe Onboard a Luxury Sleeper Train 

The experience begins at Gorges Lodge, which overlooks the Batonka Gorge. This allows visitors a few days to explore Victoria Falls before boarding the train. They will be served dinner onboard the luxurious train which features restored sleeper carriages, cabins, and dining cars from the 1950s. It accommodates up to 23 passengers.

Once guests enter Hwange National Park, they will transfer to the open-sided Elephant Express. This tram allows for wildlife viewing as they head to the south of the park for a four-day safari experience. The experience ends once guests return to Victoria Falls. Chris McIntyre, managing director of Expert Africa, has called this “a relaxing and stylish way to arrive on safari,” and the experience also includes optional return flights from London.

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
The experience lets you view the wildlife at Hwange National Park

Expert Africa’s ten-day Yellow Billed Hornbill Safari starts at $3,514, which includes accommodation, all game activities, and laundry. More information can be found at their website.


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