New SuperShe Retreat in Finland is Only for Women

The new SuperShe Island in Finland promises to be more than any other wellness retreat. Hidden away in the Baltic Sea, it is to be a sanctuary for only women, where they can relax and bond, free from the tensions of the world outside.

The idyllic island plans to include activities like yoga, saunas, meditation, spa treatments, kayaking, and wholesome food. It is to be a place for women to talk, learn, have fun, and spiritually refresh themselves in the beautiful and exotic location.

The 8.4 hectare island contains four luxury cabins with high-end furnishings from Missoni, Marimekko and Ted Baker, that can accommodate upto 10 guests at a time.

A Finnish Retreat

Its founder, Kristina Roth was previously the CEO of Matisia Consultants, and was inspired by the traditional exclusive men’s clubs to create a similar escape for women. She sees 2018 as the year to mobilize women towards empowerment.

The SuperShe island it less than two hours away from Helsinki Airport, and Roth hopes the new retreat brings more attention to the beauty of Finland.

Becoming a member of the island is also set to be a long process, as Roth plans to handpick and vet all her guests via the organisation’s website. SuperShe may be exclusive, but isn’t exclusionary. Transgender women are also welcome to be members of this slice of paradise.

The island is set to open this June, but the prices have not yet been released.

Women-only travel has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with numerous companies catering to both solo travelers, and to all-female groups.


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