New line of underwear may be the key to packing light

Carry-on travelers and backpackers rejoice! A Danish company has a new line of men’s underwear which claims to not need washing for weeks. This will definitely help in packing light.

Organic Basics says that their new line effectively kills bacteria and odors. This means that you can remain fresh and clean without weighing down your luggage with multiple pairs of underwear. It also eliminates the need to spend the night washing dirty pants in your tiny hotel bathroom.

three pairs of boxer shorts
Organic Basics says that their new line of underwear doesn’t need to be washed for weeks

The new underwear is sure to interest backpackers, hikers, and those who prefer to use carry-on bags as the key to packing light. Nevertheless, the thought of reusing your underwear for days at a time is just as likely to gross out even the most experienced travelers.

Packing Light May Soon Be A Breeze
Hiker trekking on the mountains
The new underwear will be a boon for hikers and backpackers

Born out of a desire to create an environmentally-sustainable product, the new line also includes men’s t-shirts, starting at $29. They are made of recycled nylon treated with Polygiene. This is a silver treatment that is used for odor control and is prepared from recycled electronic and industrial silver waste.

By both using recycled materials and not needing to be washed often, they use less water and energy. This significantly reduces their environmental impact.

Variety of men pants
Organic Basics uses antibacterial silver chloride in their products for cleanliness

Called SilverTech 2.0, it is actually an updated version of an earlier product which also used the antibacterial silver chloride for cleanliness. That project, the SilverTech 1.0, has been called “Scandinavia’s most successful fashion Kickstarter”. The new line is also being supported by Kickstarter backers.

Durable and heat regulating, the new SilverTech 2.0 line is described as “NASA-inspired”. A similar method using silver to purifying water is implemented on the International Space Station. To find out more, visit the Organic Basics official website.


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