Northeast, is the easternmost region of India that represents both geographic and political-administrative division of the country. It is a beautiful place but probably is less explored than the other parts of India. And now there is a new way to explore and commute in the Northeast.

Northeast will soon be opening India’s longest ropeway. It is scheduled to be flagged off by the month of April 2019. This project is built to connect main Guwahati to North Guwahati. The project was much awaited. The ropeway runs over the Brahmaputra river and will make it smoother for the passengers to cross the river and also helps them reduce their travel time. The ropeway is 2 km long and will have the facility to carry 30 passengers at a time.

From Where to Where?

The ropeway system will be operational from Kachari Ghat at Pan Bazaar which will be considered as Upper terminal and will go up to Dol Govinda temple which will be considered as Lower terminal.

The best part about the cable car is that you will get to experience the aerial beauty of Northeast and still reach your destination with ease. The aerial views of the surroundings like The Brahmaputra river, Urvashi island, Peacock island and Umananda temple can be experienced.

Umananda Island Temple
Umananda Island Temple

News reports say that the cabin for the cable cars have been imported from Switzerland and the tower material has been brought from Delhi and Kolkata. Also, Garaventa AG (which is an Austrian company that manufactures chairlifts, cable cars, gondolas, surface tows for ski and amusement parks) has offered technical support for designing the ropeway profile.

It definitely will be making lives easier for the passengers and also if the place is so beautiful, why not experience an aerial view as well? And when it is less chaotic, you can see all the beauty and enjoy it.


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