Oyster Vending Machine: Your Favourite Shellfish A Button Away

An Oyster? 

Yes, the shellfish loved by most of Europe and the world. 

What about it?

Now there is an automated oyster vending machine to sell it in France.

Don’t they need to be live caught and fresh?

Yeah, that’s why they are restocked every morning. Since they are preserved strictly under 45F they won’t spoil at all.

Why would anyone make an Oyster vending machine?

The owners Brigitte and Tony Berthelot, oyster farmers based on the Île de Ré (an island off the west coast of France) got this brainwave as their shop used to get customers even after closing hours. These two oyster breeders made it convenient for everyone by setting up this vending machine.

So I can eat it at any time of the day?

Only if you are not too late! Or you could just text them and book it.

Don’t you think it’s an expensive deal?

Not at all. The owners charge the same price as their store, which is around $8 for a dozen. That’s comparatively cheap for a dozen as it’s an expensive deal to maintain it.

Only oysters, ain’t it boring to eat?

They have customization options so you could choose from add-ons like pâté and seas asparagus – sounds gourmet!

Ah finally, the French really know how to make things easy!

For sure, their innovation in food vending technology is scaling heights. They recently had a baguette vending machine as well. So the next time you are in France I don’t think you would ever run out of eating options.

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