Are you planning to visit the iconic Louvre in Paris this year? You’re going to have pre-book a spot to explore the gorgeous museum. Tickets to the Louvre will have to be booked in advance starting October 2019. Tickets can be booked via the Louvre’s official website only.

Considering the number of iconic masterpieces the Louvre houses, it comes as no surprise that it attracts nearly 10.2 million visitors a year. The number has increased this year because of the heatwave in Paris. Tourists seeking respite from the sweltering heat have been heading to the Louvre.

Why was the decision taken?

Louvre Mona Lisa

The decision to allow visitors with pre-booked tickets is due to massive overcrowding within the museum. Huge crowds increased after the Mona Lisa was relocated to the Medici Gallery due to renovation in the States Room, its original spot. The Medici Gallery is only accessible through elevators which have resulted in crowds and long lines through the heart of the museum.

“Reservations smooth the entry for the public throughout the week,” said Vincent Pomarede, the deputy general administrator of the Louvre.

“Until now a reservation system has not been obligatory (but) we will put in place an obligatory reservations system, as many other museums have done, and, by the end of the year, all visitors will have to reserve.”

“It will be from October or November. We have accelerated what we wanted to put in place at the start of the year 2020,” he added.

Over-crowding led to security staff staging a walkout

The security staff organised a walkout in protest of the extreme overcrowding. The museum was even shut for the day because of the same. In a statement, Sud Culture Solidaires said they “refuse the transformation of the museum into a cultural Disneyland.”

So, if you’re heading to Paris this year and want to experience the Louvre, best be aware that you will have to book your tickets well in advance!


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