To celebrate his 70th birthday, Prince Charles has decided to curate a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace. It is a part of the summer opening of the Palace’s State Rooms and features a collection of the Prince of Wales’ favourite artworks.

Titled the “Prince and Patron” exhibition, this rich display of art comes from the Royal Collection Trust, of which Prince Charles is the Chairman. Among the 100 works on display, there will also be various items from his personal collection. These will include private paintings, photographs, and ornaments.

Prince and Patron Exhibition at Buckingham Palace
The special exhibition ‘Prince & Patron’ at the Summer Opening of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace (Image © the Royal Collection Trust)

The exhibition at Buckingham Palace started on 21 July and is set to continue until 30 September. As Vanessa Remington, senior curator of paintings at the Royal Collection Trust, says, “This is a very personal show… It’s a departure because it is not a standard museum display and the works aren’t shown in isolation, they’re shown in profusion very, very densely.”

Alongside the selected works of art, the exhibition at Buckingham Palace will also feature works of young artists from the three charities the Prince is a patron of, The Royal Drawing School; The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts; and Turquoise Mountain, based in Kabul, Afghanistan. As Prince Charles himself says, “These charities have achieved more than I could ever have hoped, often in ways that I would never have expected. I am delighted that they now have an opportunity to show their work in Buckingham Palace and together with some of my favourites from the Royal Collection.”

New exhibition at Buckingham Palace is curated by Prince Charles
Prince Charles
To celebrate his 70th birthday, Prince Charles has decided to curate a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace.

The highlights of the exhibition include a hooded cape that belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte and was presented to King George IV after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815; The Tribuna of the Uffizi by Johann Zoffany, commissioned by Queen Charlotte in 1772; 16th-century portrait drawings by Hans Holbein the Younger that belonged to Henry VIII; and a tiger’s head set in gold and rock crystal taken from the throne of Tipu Sultan, the ruler of the Indian state of Mysore in India, that was presented to William IV.

At the centre of the exhibition stands a 7ft cedar wood pavilion. It was created by classical carver Naseer Yasna (Mansouri) and a tea from Turquoise Mountain. It is meant to demonstrate the rich heritage of Afghan design, and the charity’s aim of reviving traditional skills.

Prince and Patron Buckinghm Palace
A view of the “Prince & Patron” exhibition with Zoffany’s “The Tribuna of the Uffizi”. (Image by Joe Maher/Getty Images)

From the Prince’s personal collection are – a portrait of the Queen Mother by Michael Noakes; oil studies of Prince William and Prince Harry; numerous books, vases and trinkets; and photographs from Prince George’s christening, with Prince Harry from his time in the Army, and with his newest daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Sussex.

The new exhibition at Buckingham Palace is accompanied with an audio commentary by the Prince of Wales. To find out more about the “Prince and Patron” exhibition, and to book tickets, you can visit its official website.  You can also read more about the various exciting palaces in London.


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