LA’s Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic sights in the country. A massive tourist draw, it has unfortunately led to crowds of tourists creating congestion issues for locals.

However, Warner Bros. Studios is now proposing a new tramway that will reduce these traffic issues. This would take visitors from the studio’s lot nearby, all the way up to LA’s Hollywood sign. It would help ease the traffic in nearby residential neighbourhoods.

Most visitors to LA’s Hollywood sign combine visits with hikes around the surrounding Griffith Park and a trip to the Griffith Observatory. Many locals have complained that these visitors use their streets as parking lots when they hike up to see the sign. It became such a major concern, that last year one of the most popular trails via Beachwood Drive was closed.

LA's Hollywood Sign Griffith Park mountains
LA’s Hollywood Sign is a famous landmark in the Hollywood Hills area of Mount Lee.

Warner Bros. facilities head Jon Gilbert, who is leading the effort, said “If we really want to make a difference … it’s got to be something compelling. Partial solutions are not going to do the trick, and people will continue to inundate the neighbourhoods.”

LA’s Hollywood sign may soon get a tramway

Erected in 1923, the sign, which originally read ‘Holywoodland,’ has become synonymous with the film industry. Located on Mount Lee in the Santa Monica Mountains, it is a major tourist draw.

According to the LA Times, it could be what locals have been waiting for. It would also be a better option for tourists who want to get near LA’s Hollywood sign, as it does not involve long walks in the LA sun. But, there have been concerns about its impact on the environment. Griffith Park is home to a diverse ecosystem of plants and wildlife.

The iconic Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles.
The iconic Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles.

Dubbed the Hollywood Skyway, it would cost the AT&T-owned studio an estimated $100 million. Warner Bros. has said that it would share ticketing revenue with the city to help park activities However, there are also concerns that the tramway would privatize access to a public landmark.

A tramway from the Warner Bros. Studio at the base of the hill would not only ease up much of this overcrowding but would also be beneficial to the studio by bringing visitors to the lot, which has a new set of exhibits and attractions. They also recently opened their largest indoor theme park. However, the tramway is still just a proposal and would require numerous approvals before going into construction.


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