Rustic 1920s bunk house reopens in the Catskills with the Eastwind Hotel

Nestled in the quiet hillside of the Catskill Mountains in Windham, New York, the Eastwind Hotel & Bar was once a simple bunkhouse. Much like Dunton Hot Springs, it has been refurbished into a unique modern mountain hideaway.

Originally a retreat for hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts in the 1920s, the refurbishment by founders Bjorn Boyer, Julija Stoliarova, Daniel Cipriani and John Burnett was inspired by the property’s past.

An A-Frame Lushna Cabin, image by Eastwind Hotel & Bar

With sweeping views of Windham mountains, Eastwind blends the old with the new in a thoughtful way. It has been designed to retain its rustic charm, while still appealing to new visitors with modern amenities.

The Eastwind Experience 

Boyer said that the idea was to “create an upscale yet accessible way for today’s travelers to unplug, unwind and connect with friends and family.” Guests can now make use of many communal spaces, including a swimming pool, an oversized hot tub, a fire pit, and a fully stocked cocktail bar.

The Lushna Cabins have private fire pits, though communal ones are also available

The hotel has four types of rooms to choose from, which include the Bunk House, Hill House, and Lushna Cabins. The Bunk House and Hill House have the main lobby as well as 11 guest rooms and the Salon, which houses the café and cocktail bar. The three Lushna A-frame cabins are scattered around these more modern buildings and retain the aesthetics of the Scandinavian ideals of camping in the woods.

The Eastwind Hotel & Bar also plans to have special events and programmes throughout the year. Seasonal programmes will include woodland movie screenings in the summer, and game nights in the winter, while concerts and art classes will take place throughout the year.

Guests can explore the surrounding Catskill Mountains

The hotel is set to welcome guests from June 2018 at $150 per night, and will provide visitors with the outdoor gear needed to explore the area, such as rain boots and snowshoes. Guests can also borrow bikes to venture into town where Windham’s Main Street is filled with restaurants, breweries, art galleries, boutiques, and a local theatre.

More information can be found at their official website.


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