Rome introduces new rules – those caught breaking them will be fined

Rome is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and millions visit it each year. However, like so many cities around the world, has been struggling to deal with the many tourists it must also accommodate.

The city’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, has recently announced a series of new rules that are meant to help protect the quality of life in Rome. They are also meant to protect the city, its residents, and its artistic and cultural heritage.

Rome, Italy - September 24, 2011: Tourists on an open-top tour bus operated by CitySightseeing as it passes the Colosseum in central Rome.
Tour buses are now banned in the historic centre of Rome

These rules are accompanied by another major change to the city of Rome, as the city council has also decided to ban tourist-buses from the historic centre near sites like the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia. While this move has been welcomed by locals (as it will reduce crowds and traffic), it was met with shock by tour operators who believe it will severely impact their travel businesses. Rome mayor Virginia Raggi believes that it’s “an important decision not only for the protection of our archaeological and historic heritage, but also to combat air and noise pollution.”

Rome introduces new laws which will impact tourists

Among the things that will now be curtailed are eating and drinking at famous sites, pub crawls and climbing historic fountains. Many of these rules were previously in place as temporary measures, but will now become permanent additions to the city (pending final approval).

Trevi Fountain, Rome - Italy,
Tourists can no longer climb the fountains in Rome

Part of this will include limits regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol. It will not be sold between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. Also, after 10 pm, you cannot drink out of glass containers in public spaces. After 11 pm drinking out of any container will be banned, while clubs will not be able to serve alcohol past 2 am.

The new laws being implemented in Rome will also target touts who sell unauthorised tours, as well as the infamous “centurions” who take pictures with tourists and often harass them. Now, they could be fined up to €400.


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