Russia Launches First Arctic Train To Norway

Russia has launched a first of its kind arctic train service through remote Arctic regions to Norway, reports Lonely Planet.

The new train service set out on its first journey last week with 91 passengers on board. The company behind the venture is German tour operator Lernidee Trains & Cruises. No other operator in Russia was offering train services through the Russian Arctic. The interesting new train is called “Zarengold” (“The Tsars gold” in German). It has two restaurant cars and sleeping cabins in three different classes.

The arctic train from Russia goes through popular Arctic regions

Tours start in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Once tourists have taken in gorgeous sights like the Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral, an express arctic train takes them to St. Petersburg. After a few days of exploration, passengers will board the Zarengold north to the city of Petrozavodsk.

Here, you can visit the local star attraction of Kizhi Island. It is home to Russia’s iconic wooden Transfiguration Church. The last stop before heading out to the Arctic is Kem. From here passengers take a ferry to the Solovetsky Islands, the site of a UNESCO-listed monastery.

russia arctic train

On the next stop, tourists will visit the Arctic city of Murmansk, an industrial but lively place surrounded by stunning scenery. The next morning, passengers will get off the arctic train continue by bus to Kirkenes over the border in Norway. Finally, they will fly to the Norwegian capital Oslo the next day.

This comprehensive tour is a total of 11 days. It costs €3550 (US$4017) per person and includes all accommodation, train tickets, internal flights, meals and excursions.

On the train’s first journey, passengers were present from seven countries, including the USA, Germany, Norway and Russia. The tour company hopes to run the service regularly. Currently, there are train scheduled for next year. Four trains are in the works for 2021.

The tours take place in summer to ensure tourists can make the most of the Arctic’s famous Midnight Sun and avoid harsh winter weather conditions.


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