Love wins again in Bermuda – Good news for LGBT travellers!

Love wins again in Bermuda as the supreme court verdict came out as good news for LGBT couples. The Domestic partnership act, which was passed last December, banned same-sex marriage in Bermuda. LGBT travellers called for a boycott of Bermuda. A hashtag, #BoycottBermuda, appeared numerous times on Twitter. Ellen DeGeneres tweeted to her 77 million followers that she cancelled her plans to visit Bermuda.

In the wake of being denied the privilege to get married on the island by the Registrar-General, Bermudian Winston Godwin and his Canadian life partner Greg DeRoche conveyed the issue to the Supreme Court.

Fight against the discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

The couple claims that the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda’s Human Rights Act ensured their entitlement to marry a partner of the same sex, to which the court concurred, choosing that not giving them a chance to marry would constitute as a discrimination.

The law meaning of marriage orders “Deliberate sexual treatment on the basis of sexual orientation” and marked it conflicting with the Human Rights Act. Said Puisne Judge Charles-Etta Simmon.

The public voted against the LGBT Community

Bermuda held a non-binding referendum on same-sex marriage on June 23rd, 2016. Surprisingly, the public opinion was against the LGBT Community. However, the Registrar had to act in favour of the couple according to the Marriage Act of 1944 and a Declaration that the same-sex marriage in Bermuda is legal.

Love wins again in Bermuda and The Rainbow Alliance expressed their overwhelming joy at the supreme court’s verdict. They wrote in a statement:

“This ruling is not only a victory for a brave young couple willing to fight for their love, Winston Godwin and his fiancé Greg DeRoche, this ruling is a victory for all same-gender-loving people in Bermuda”

The couple said that the long process is finally over and was well worth the fight. They hope that the supreme court’s decision will bring courage to the people who are afraid to come out. They expressed deep gratitude to their attorneys Rod S. Attride-Stirling and Mark Pettingill

Good news for the tourism industry

Legalising same-sex marriage might boost Bermuda’s tourism and the verdict came out as good news for the tourism industry. LGBT travellers will not have to think about why they should visit a country that discriminates against people on the basis of sexual orientation. The announcement falls on the pride month which led to widespread celebration throughout the world.

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