Many French heritage sites that are considered endangered are set to get a new lease of life from scratchcards.

France is known for its wealth of heritage sites and beautiful buildings. However, the preservation of these many sites can prove to be quite expensive. The new scratchcards serve as a way to help with their restoration using a lottery.

the Chateau de Bussy-Rabutin in Burgundy
The Chateau de Bussy-Rabutin in Burgundy will be one of the places benefiting from the lottery

The government plans to launch a heritage lottery, consisting of €15 scratchcard that will be widely available. While it brings the chance to win a €1.5 million jackpot, the remaining funds will be used for the restoration of almost 20 French heritage sites.

Scratchcards Help Preserve French Heritage Sites

Some of the sites that will benefit are the Chateau de Bussy-Rabutin in Burgundy, Fort-Cigogne off the coast of Brittany, and a 15th-century convent in Corsica.

Peterhof chateau, french heritage sites
France is known for its wealth of heritage sites and beautiful buildings.

France is just one of many countries looking for innovative ways to help preserve heritage site. Italy recently used top luxury brands like Fendi and Bulgari to sponsor the restoration of some of their most famous attractions. These included that iconic Spanish Steps in Rome.

It is predicted that the lottery will bring in somewhere between €15 to 20 million this year. The funds will go a long way to cover recent cuts in funding for heritage sites in the last decade. The lottery will start this September and continue for a limited time.


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