Selfies Gone Terribly Wrong – Adventure freaks are being warned

More than dozens of people have been arrested in the past 10 days for taking selfies standing very close to the lava river from Hawaii’s most recent volcanic eruption. Adventure freaks are risking their lives for an apparently photogenic lava selfie. This is one of the scenarios of selfies gone terribly wrong with most of the tourists trying to take a cool picture to post on Instagram.

Adventure freaks are being warned

No lava selfies are allowed and the selfie might cost a fine up to $5,000 and a year behind the bars if somebody is found taking photographs in the restricted area. The online record shows that a few people were hit with trespassing charges for circumventing police blockades and walking around the region with perilous gas discharges to snap photographs of lava.

Kilauea Volcano eruption on May 3rd, 2018, - selfies gone terribly wrong
Kilauea Volcano eruption on May 3rd, 2018, Hawaii Islands
Kilauea eruption has only gotten worse

Sine the Kilauea eruption on May 3rd, the situation has only gotten worse, over 1700 people were forced to evacuate and it does not look like they will be returning any time soon. Deadly Lava has been spewing notoriously in the air and releasing dangerous levels of sulphur dioxide which can cause a serious threat to the human body.

The Public has been warned about the deadly fissures and dangerous gas. Hawaii police have set up barricades around the restricted area to prevent people from the neighbourhood trying to take Instagrammable lava selfies.

Hawaii tourism suffering huge loss due to the Volcanic eruption 

The Hawaii tourism board is facing a huge loss. Some of the famous tourist attractions like Kona Kohala coast is filled with dust and gas from the Kilauea eruption. Tourists have been cancelling their trips and the cancellations between May and July have already reached $5 million.

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