Springtime Covers A Forest In Belgium With Blue Flowers

A forest in Belgium has become the focus of much interest for its spectacular carpet of bluebells this spring.

The iconic blossoms of springtime are celebrated around the world. From the Japanese cherry blossoms to the tulips of the Netherlands, they herald the start warmer weather like nothing else. The Hallerbos forest in Belgium near Brussels turns into a magical place each spring, as bluebells begin to bloom across the forest floor.

The purple-blue bluebells of the Hallerbos forest

According to the Hallerbos forest’s official website, “The purple-blue of the bluebells combined with the transparent bright green of the young beech leaves gives a magical effect to the forest. The sunlight still reaches the flowers through the leaf canopy, but a little less each day.”

The best time to see these flowers is 7 – 10 days after the beech trees begin to blossom. This year, the flowers could last until the start of May.

Visitors are asked to stick to the paths at the Hallerbos forest in Belgium

Traditionally, bluebells are celebrated in England, but they are also considered “one of the best-kept secrets in Belgium,” according to the Brussels Times. However, more and more visitors are attracted by the gorgeous display.

This increase in visitors has led to environmental concerns about the forest. Tourists are advised to respect the wildlife, and to stick to the two set walking paths, as the surrounding plants are “fragile and sensitive to trampling.”

More information about these walks and the Hallerbos forest can be found on their official website.


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