Sustainability is a major issue today, whether it’s about travel, food, or any other aspect of our lifestyles. Unsurprisingly, breweries aren’t far behind, as can be seen with the rise of ‘sewage beer’ in Sweden.

Made with recycled wastewater, or technically, sewage, the Swedish product is a collaboration between Nya Carnegiebryggeriet brewery, Carlsberg and the Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL).

Sweden Beer
New beer used recycled “sewage water”

The IVL has been trying to perfect the process of recycling waste into safe drinking water for years. They say the result is cost and energy efficient and could help the world’s shortage of clean water.

Sweden Uses Recycled Water For New Beer

With many people still skeptical about recycled water, despite it being “as pure and safe as normal tap water,” Staffan Filipsson of IVL says that the problem is “is not technical but primarily emotional”.

Their solution was to combine it with an already popular product – beer. Called PU:REST, the new beer from Sweden is a 4.8% pilsner made with organic malt, hops, and the titular recycled wastewater.

Many people are still skeptical about recycled water

IVL approached the Nya Carnegiebryggeriet brewery to create this eco-friendly drink, with  brewmaster Chris Thurgeson saying both producers and consumers must dare to think differently if we are to successfully take care of Earth’s resources.”

The beer was launched in Sweden on 25 May and will be going on sale in Swedish liquor stores from 2 July.



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