The Concrete Jungle Book 2- A Walk Along the York City Walls

And the journey continues from tired legs to energized spirits when we were back home. Like old-time Roman emperors, we were thinking of conquering one place after the other. From London to York, York to Edinburgh and Edinburgh to London; it was going to be the most satisfying adventure of all time. It was the first time for all of us at York and we were excited by the prospects of visiting a historic walled city- Known for York city walls. (coming from the big sub-continent of India we were boastful). There weren’t any high expectations because this place is literally the size of my palm – so it was difficult to gauge how it would be.

Panoramic view of York, UK, York City walls
Panoramic view of York, UK Image courtesy Akash Ampili

One of Mowgli’s friends had obliged to host us at their family-owned BnB and it was like walking into a renaissance film. It was beautiful décor, warm hosts and perfect weather that brought to life this moment. The Lightwings (hosts) treated us like their own – it was such an eclectic mix on the dinner table, that their pet cat was confused who to cuddle with. There were drinks, there were magic shows, and there was some kick-ass Rubix cube solving and most importantly story-telling and fact-checking (breaking the stereotypical questions that people have about India).  

A Walk Along the York City Walls
"A view along the historic York, England city wall with the famous York Minster in the distance."
“A view along the historic York, England city wall with the famous York Minster in the distance.”

A walk along the York city walls unfolds the beauty of this medieval town. The town was fortified by a massive wall (if you know who sees this, he will start asking the Mexicans to pay for making it happen). Soldiers are so rooted in the history that there are 365 pubs in this tiny little place – with some of them dated back to the early 1800’s. I’m not much of a religious person, but seeing the cathedral that looks over the town made it seem like God is always on the lookout for the people of York. And the weather – it was so drunk like an agent of chaos. Sunny, rainy, windy, clear skies – you name it, we felt every bit of it on our expedition around town.

York Minster, York , York city walls
York Minster, York Image courtesy Akash Ampili

We had to climb up 367 steps to see all of York and parts of Edinburgh at the top of the York Minster (cathedral). Narrow, dark, small and extremely tiring – this was the hardest part of the trip. Lovers had left their names, jokers had left their stage names, parents had left their hearts and kids had their funny stuff written. It was quite fascinating to see that India is not the only country that destroys monuments, we have other contenders too (but you wouldn’t call it destruction as much as leaving a mark – that is a debate for later). And finally when we get there – the clear skies disappear on us and it starts pouring. It honestly felt like Storm from x-men was there waiting for us.

The cathedral that reminds you the charms class from Harry Potter

Anyway, we had our coats, we looked at the clouds that had cast over the town and saw that there is nothing more we can see. As we walked down the stairs we started playing a game with everyone “Who can spot the oldest date” and trust me there are some surprises. If you ever go to York, you have to experience this cathedral – there is a choir room that reminds you of the charms class from Harry Potter (it’s levio-saa, not levioh-sa).


York city is Budget friendly!

The city was one of the most surprising travels we have ever had. All of us had no expectation from the place and it completely blew us away. The best part is food, drinks, bowling, shopping and sightseeing all came at a reasonable price – after all, we are Indians and we see the value of money for everything. Totally worth every pound (never thought you’d read or say something like that considering our history did you?).

My next article is going to move away from the concrete jungle and concentrate on a place very close to my heart – Edinburgh. Look out for the next piece and remember – Imagine you are on this adventure with me.

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