Ever since I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was play football at a stadium (perhaps even the Old Trafford, Theatre of Dreams) with people cheering my name (not knowing the reason they were cheering, I just wanted them to call me out). When I was 3 years old I saw my first game (according to my mom) and from then on all I would do is play football. When I decided to go for my masters outside of India – I had big dreams of probably meeting a football star at the park, and then us becoming the most unlikely of friends (how simple are my dreams).

Anyway, through the two years I was in the UK it wasn’t easy for me to travel during my university course. So once that was over, I planned my first trip around the UK. It was bound to be – Manchester. Why? Well, it’s quite simple. I’ve been a diehard Manchester United fan since I was a kid. So going there was almost inevitable.

Travelling to Manchester
Machester United Football club Old Trafford, Greater Manchester

One of the best ways to travel around the UK is the National Rail. The breathtaking landscapes that pass by the windows are sure to bring out the writer in you. Trust me, when you take a photo and put it on social-media – suddenly words of philosophy, guidance and literature pop into your head – god knows why.

The city of Manchester, simply put – is a “Footballing City”. There are all the museums, art galleries and other things that you would expect from a typical visit to a town in the UK, but the most spectacular sight that will literally make your eyes tear up is the magnificent OLD TRAFFORD STADIUM – HOME TO MANCHESTER UNITED, and the famous Theatre of Dreams. As I was walking towards the stadium, right in front of me I could see flashes of my childhood. Every single tantrum, prayer, and celebration for United had a purpose and was going to echo once again.

Life in Manchester
Manchester United fans known as Red Devils

Dance, Drink, Cheer, Repeat. That’s pretty much the mantra of life in Manchester. The beautiful town is passionate and is constantly being developed. Anyone who goes to Manchester has to take part in the stadium tour at the Theater of Dreams. The history, memorabilia, museum, trophies, pictures, and finally the walk into the ground (my heart was literally beating fast. I felt like my moment of cheers was here). At that point all I wished for was that one of the players would give us an impromptu visit and then become my best friend for life.

Manchester is basically a city for football fans. It invites you with its chants and history and leaves you inspired to visit more such towns that have such passionate like-minded sports fans. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, you will be bowled over (cricketing term for a travel football piece!) Why? Simply because the city offers up both history and culture through art centres – but if to see where the actual tradition is – head to Old Trafford and trust me you will become a Red Devil forever.



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