A Rich British Family Is Ready To Pay $141,000 if you follow them around the world photographing them

Are you a professional photographer? Do you love travelling? Can you tag along with a bunch of people for a year clicking their pictures as they go around the globe? Then this is the right stint for you. A rich British family is ready to pay a professional photographer to follow them around for a year clicking pictures along the way. And you’ll get paid a whopping $141,000.

The job, which is said to begin from February 2019, will involve extensive travel around the world over a period of 12 months. According to The Sun, the money and travelling aren’t the only perks. Alongside the $141,000 the lucky photographer will get, the job also covers accommodation, travel expenses and food charges.

Moreover, the professional will be getting a month’s holiday, with full sick pay included. To top it all, the destinations being visited are ecstatic. The photographer will get to visit Australia, America, Europe and South America as the family owns “a number of holiday homes and other residences” in those places.

Rich British Family is ready to pay $141,000 if you follow them around the world photographing them
Sydney Skyline at Night

The family will be attending events such as the Rio Carnival, mardi gras in New Orleans, and Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco and Abu Dhabi along the way. Additionally, the family is also planning to go diving in the Maldives and skiing in Val d’Isere.

Rich British Family is ready to pay $141,000 if you follow them around the world photographing them
Formula One

How to Apply?

A job description has been posted on the Perfocal, a site that connects those in need of photographers. The rich British family has asked the agency to keep their identity hidden until they have narrowed down their selection, due to the high-profile nature of the father’s job.

Strictly those who have a professional experience of more than 5 years are allowed to apply for this lucky job. More so, the professionals who apply will go through a strict background check and a series of interviews to make sure he/she is a right fit.

The photographer will be spending 10 hours every day photographing the family on their vacay. However, the only drawback is you may not be able to spend much time with your family given the amount of travelling this involves.

But hey, what more can a photographer ask for? You get to visit beautiful destinations for free and a rich British family is ready to pay a whopping $141,000. So, get your gears ready and apply!

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