Tourists Flock Back to Tunisia, Turkey, and Egypt

After the recent drop in visitor due to security concerns at Tunisia, Turkey, and Egypt, major travel operators have said that tourists are once again venturing to these countries.

These countries have some of the most popular archaeological and historical destinations in the world, from Turkey’s Hagia Sophia to the Egyptian Pyramids and the beaches of Sidi Bou Said. They offer cultural experiences that are truly unique, helping in this resurgence of visitors.

Egyptian tourism will be focused away from areas like Sharm el-Sheikh

Visitors have only recently started returning to Tunisia following a terror attack at the resort town of Sousse, which resulted in the deaths of 38 people.

The UK’s Foreign Office had previously advised against all travel to Tunisia, severely impacting international travel. But the recent lifting of the ban, combined with increased security in Turkey and Egypt has encouraged more and more people to flock there.

Back on the Travel Map

Tourism has increased in Egypt after a massive campaign, highlighting its rich archaeological heritage. Turkey, on the other hand, sees a return of stability after a series of terror attacks, and an attempted coup in 2016.

These countries offer unique historical and cultural perspectives

With lower airline rates and as many as 600,000 extra available airline seats, tourists are taking advantage of the new changes and flocking back to their favorite holiday destinations.

Indeed, travel operator Thomas Cook reported an 84% increase in package holidays to Turkey. This puts it just behind Spain and Greece as their best-selling destination for summer 2018. Egypt and Tunisia have also seen increases of 30% and 23% respectively when compared to last year, according to the operator’s annual holiday report.



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