Venice has laid down a new set of rules to combat disruptive tourists. Littering, swimming in canals and roaming around shirtless are offences that could lead to tourists in Venice being heavily fined or altogether banned from the Italian city.

The Venice City Council has enforced new sanctions to keep misbehaving tourists in check. A majority of 22 councillors voted in favour of the new guidelines. The cost of the fines will vary depending on the seriousness of the breaches. Minor breaches will be met with fines beginning at €25; more serious offences will lead to a penalty of a maximum of €500 (£438).

Grand Canal In Venice
The Grand Canal in Venice

Visitors could be penalised based on the following offences:

  • Litter or snack on the ground in public
  • Sit/lie down in front of shops/historic monuments or bridges
  • Bathing and swimming in canals
  • Wandering around shirtless or in swimming costumes

Other Restrictions Imposed By Council On Tourists in Venice

The council said, “It is forbidden to walk in public areas in swimming costumes or bare-chested,” adding that the rules also apply to tourists travelling on Venice’s vaporetti water buses. Further, drinking on the street is prohibited between 8 pm and 8 am, hen and stag events/ group celebrations are permitted outdoors only during the day or at weekends.

bridge in venice tourists in Venice
A Bridge in Venice, Italy. (Source: Pexels)

These strict rules have been instated as an extension of the campaign #EnjoyRespectVenezia – introduced last summer – which instructed tourists not to swim in canals, set up picnics in public spaces, pause too long on bridges, litter or ride bikes through the city.

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The new set of rules called Daspos has been approved by the Venice City Council. Repeated flouting of the set rules will lead to offenders being kicked out of Venice and permanently banned. Venice is also working on starting an entry free for day trippers that will be implemented from September this year. Each visitor will be charged a standard €3 tax (£2.65/US$3.40). From 1 January 2020, the cost will rise to €8 (£7/US$9) in high-season and €10 (£8.75/US$11) during “critical periods”.


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