The Instagram-Famous Train Street In Hanoi Is Undergoing Changes Due To Overcrowding

The famous Train Street in Hanoi is now going to be shut down temporarily by the Vietnamese police for safety reasons. Authorities are clamping down on the cafes that line the street in fear of danger to human life and overtourism.  

The train track built in the year of 1902 by the French, is on an old Quarter thoroughfare, where the train rubles through just inches away from homes and other buildings. The railways once shipped goods and people across France’s former Indochina colony and remains in use today by communist Vietnam’s state-run railways’ company. The municipal government of Hanoi and the local transit authority came to the decision to shut down the area after a train on the October 6, that to be re-routed due to the fact that there were too many tourists on the track. 

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Dozens of tourists were turned away on the 12th of October, as authorities blocked people from the tracks with barricades. The stretch once known as the rough part of town is now filled with camera-wielding holidaymakers who have posted images of the area across social media attracting many more. 

Hanoi, Vietnam – 16th December 2017. Tourists wait to see the 15.30 train from Hanoi to Sapa pass along what is commonly known as Train Street.

Cafe owners complain that business would be severely hurt by these new regulations, as now people won’t be able to access the street at all. Le Tuan Anh, a cafe owner said: “ there have never been any regretful accidents here, compared to traffic density elsewhere in the city, this is much safer”.  New signs have also been installed around the area, warning passerby not to take photos or videos in the so-called “dangerous area”. 

Tourist currently at the train street is disappointed by the fact that they cannot access the street. With people coming from all over the world to see the train street is quite a shame that they have been told to leave- said a British traveller. However, as the authorities put it, overcrowding and mass tourism is disturbing the general schedule of the train. Even though there haven’t been any casualties or injuries, it becomes important to ensure tourist wellbeing and safety, even if it means shutting down access to the famous Hanoi “train street”.


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