Uber is redefining the travel experience yet again. It is set to launch Uber air, a flying taxi service by 2023, reports CNN Traveller. Last week it announced a helicopter ride-sharing service in NYC and its back in the news with this ambitious new project.

The ridesharing company shared the interiors of Uber Air. It is an electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) aircraft—which is essentially a mix between a plane and a helicopter. This sleek and spacious flying taxi comfortably fits four passengers. It has rear-opening doors offering easy access to its two rows of seats. The doors have large windows and the seats have been designed with sightseeing in mind.

uber flying taxi

What additional features does Uber Air have to offer?

Within the cabin, there’s space for a luggage rack behind the passenger seats which will be visible through the windows. This is to ensure that the ground crew can see if passengers need help with their suitcases before the doors are even opened.

John Badalamenti, Uber’s Head of Design for Aviation Programs said,

“One of the best features is that the seats are separated and angled by 10 degrees so passengers are positioned to look out the window and enjoy the view.”

The black and white seats have tongs of leg room and lap-slash seat belts for safety. While the seats scream stylish, the design isn’t just for ‘looks.’ “[We] used a specific material so passengers can easily slide across the seats, which will simplify the boarding process and make it more efficient,” Badalamenti added.

The pilot will be enclosed in their own plexiglass bubble. The flying taxi that was showcased was only a prototype,however, Uber expects the finished model to be similar in design. The organization has partnered with Safran, a French aircraft company.

Uber has already revealed plans to launch the Uber Air project in international markets including India, Japan, France, Brazil and Australia. Uber officials have held talks with top level government officials in India to begin building aerial mobility infrastructure.


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