Uber Is Launching A Fleet Of Electrical Mopeds In Paris

Cityscoot teams up with Uber to expand mobility options in the French capital of Paris. Staring next month 4000 electrical mopeds operated by the French startup Cityscoot will be available to book and pay directly using the Uber app.  

Combined with the recent announcement integrating public transit to the app, the new addition of the electric mopeds, makes Paris home to Uber’s largest suite of mobility options. Head of product, Arvind Srinivasan, said: “mopeds are a very exciting addition to Uber’s line-up, which already includes rodes, bikes, scooters and most recently, transit”.

With uber doing its research about the moped markets, Billy Guernier, head of new mobility platforms at Uber said: “ we’re partnering with Cityscoot, a french startup, who has deep operational expertise and has been around Paris for years”. The transport app even went as far as saying that the city government considers Cityscoot to be the “crown jewel” of Paris transportation. 

Uber’s new moped in Paris will expand mobility options in the French capital 

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The streets of Paris, France

Customers now only requiring a valid driver’s licence and access to the Uber app, almost CItyscoots entire fleet of 4000 mopeds are made available to keen riders. Reaching a maximum speed of 28 mph, safety is one of the key concerns of Uber, which is offering optional free driving classes, along with sign-up safety instruction and video demonstration on the phone.

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To reserve one, all riders need to do is take a picture of their driver’s license to upload it on the app. Within a matter of seconds, Uber will approve it and provide details including pin code and directions to the nearest parked moped.  

With mopeds being synonymous with the French capital just as baguettes and berets, France has always been a pioneer when it comes to replacing cars with more eco-friendly alternatives. Mopeds are believed to be the fastest way to get around Paris. So why not recreate your Paris experience by exploring the French capital in an electric moped? 


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