United Airlines has decided to expand its new ConnectionSaver app. The app will be available to more airports across the USA that are serviced by United. The organisation has ensured the app went through a five-month trial run, reports Travel Pulse.

How does the app work?

The app works on two levels. First, it sends personalized text messages to United Airlines passengers with information about their connecting flights. This includes information on their next gate, how long it will take to get there and nearby amenities. Next, when time is of the essence, the app also alerts gate agents and crew of the connecting flight to be aware that passengers are on their way and to hold the flight. This is done for whatever is considered a reasonable amount of time—in order to make the transfer.

United Airlines said, “The tool takes that all into account when deciding whether or not to hold the departing aircraft. The goal of the tool is to help connecting customers while not inconveniencing others. So if it will cause customers who are already boarded to miss their connections, or for the plane to arrive at its destination late, the tool will not advise for the departing flight to hold.”

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The app went through a test run at two busy airports

ConnectionSaver went through a test run at United Airlines headquarters at Chicago’s O’Gare International Airport and at another busy hub, Denver International Airport. More than 14,400 customers who had connecting flights were able to make their flights thanks to the app.

In a press release, Toby Enqvist, United Chief Customer Officer said: “ConnectionSaver only works if it allows us to care for as many customers as possible – without inconveniencing others – and that’s exactly what this technology has shown it can do.” He added, “We’re determined to capitalize on as many opportunities as possible to better serve and care for our customers and that’s part of what sets United apart from our competitors.”

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By August 13, United Airlines will introduce its app at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Newark-Liberty International Airport, and San Francisco International Airport. Additionally, more airports will be added after summer.



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