Lionsgate Entertainment World, a first of its kind vertical theme park will open at Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, China this July. The park will bring to life some of Lionsgate’s most popular film franchise’s including The Hunger Games; Twilight; Divergent; Now You See Me; and Gods of Egypt, reports Daily Mail.

The vertical theme park is going to have several adventures lined up for its visitors. There’s going to be a virtual reality motorcycle ride based on Twilight, a maximum-security prison breakout like in Escape Plan and a replica of The Capitol lobby from The Hunger Games. You’ll also find shops packed with costumes exactly like the films, where you can dress yourself up for a wholesome experience.

What the vertical theme park has to offer

A futuristic-looking bean –shaped building with 10 storeys will house more than 25 rides and virtual reality experiences. A top executive at Lionsgate said, “We found a way to create this theme park experience inside of one box over multiple floors. We created experiences that are immersive, that tell stories and are organic to the brands. It’s a mix of all the cutting-edge attractions that you’ll find in entertainment right now.”

vertical theme park china

The aim of creating this theme park was to expand Lionsgate as a brand into China where films like Twilight and Gods of Egypt are extremely popular. The studio intends to capitalise on the fact that Zhuhai is an emerging tourist destination. Its proximity to Macau which is considered the ‘Las Vegas of China’ is a huge plus point.

Lionsgate is expecting around 1.5 million park-goers this year. The theme park is going to be part of a large destination called Novotown. Novotown is a multi-phase phase project that includes a hotel and office towers along with retail dining and entertainment. There are also plans to set up a National Geographic Ultimate Explorer and Real Madrid interactive experiences.


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