Volcano Eruption in Hawaii: Lava continues to spew

Kilauea Volcano’s lower East Rift Zone in Hawaii continues to spew lava. This latest volcano eruption in Hawaii has caused havoc in residential neighbourhoods. The area has been completely shut down, 26 homes have been destroyed, more than 1700 people were forced to evacuate and they are not returning any time soon. Orange Lava has been spewing more than 200 feet in the air releasing a dangerous level of sulphur dioxide and lighting up electricity poles like matchsticks.

Lava has slowed down for now but that could change any minute and sadly, it’s not known how long the eruption activity will continue. On May 3rd, Leilani Estates has witnessed several new eruptive cracks in the residential community. This region of the Big Island is no stranger to volcanic eruptions. The biggest eruption was from a submarine volcano in 1955 which went on for months causing major water issues like Steaming water and water discolouration; almost 4,000 acres of land were buried in lava.

The Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii
The Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

Geologists compared this volcanic eruption with the 1955 Puna eruption and that signals the upcoming severe damage. The new cracks started in Leilani Estates have already destroyed several roads and at least two homes.

Lava and earthquake damage have been threatening people to evacuate the area. Residents expressed frustration and uncertainty as they don’t even know whether they can return to their homes.

“Abide by the rules, if someone goes down, we got to go in, risk our lives. We know it’s a dangerous situation already. If you guys can help us out, please, please do,” said Hawaii County Deputy Fire Chief, Renwick Victorino.



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