A tour website is introducing a brand new Tequila inspired tour right in time for National Tequila Day. CheapCaribbean.com is starting its brand new “Te Amo Tequila” tour through Puerto Vallarta and Tequila, Mexico. National Tequila Day was on July 24, which is also when bookings for the tour officially opened.

What does the tour have to offer?

The intriguing tour will give guests an up-close perspective on the process of producing that world-famous Mexican liquor—tequila reports Travel Pulse. People will get the chance to witness the tequila-production process from start to finish. They will get to explore agave farms and local distilleries while sampling the final product in intimate tasting rooms.

The itinerary will be curated by mixologist Jay Schroeder

The elaborate itinerary will be curated by “Agave Whisperer” Jay Schroeder. Schroeder served as chief mixologist for celebrity chef Rick Bayless and has also authored the book ‘Understanding Mezcal.’ He will teach guests how to choose the right tequila and guide them on the best practices for tequila pairing.

tequila inspired tour

Next, guests will be a part of a Mex-ology tour through downtown Puerto Vallarta. It will introduce them to the city’s best indigenous spirits and regional cocktails. Along with this, they will have the opportunity to experience some of Vallarta’s signature tacos. Additionally, they will tour distilleries in Vallarta. They will also get a chance to go horseback riding through agave fields and witness the workings inside one of the oldest distilleries in town.

They will spend one night within massive tequila barrels at Matices Hotel de Barricas. This is one of the most unique accommodations and the only hotel located within a tequila factory.

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Back in Puerto Vallarta, guests can unwind at the five-star Secrets Vallarta Bay—one of Mexico’s hottest beach destination resorts. Bookings for the tour are open between July 24 and September 20, 2019. The tours will take place between December 5- 11, 2019. Prices start at $1,999 per person on a departure from Los Angeles International Airport


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