Honouring her promise to her now deceased husband, 58-year-old Michelle Bourke from Melbourne, Australia is taking an around the world trip with a cardboard cut-out of her late husband, Paul Bourke. She and her late husband Paul had always dreamt of travelling the world together. Sadly, those plans came to an end when her husband died of cancer in 2016.

But in spite of that, Michelle made sure to fulfil their dream to travel one way or another. She ordered a life-size image of her late husband Paul which is based on a photograph of the couple’s wedding day nearly 30 years ago and which can be folded up so that it can fit in her bag. She came up with this idea shortly before his death. When Paul had asked what she would do after he was gone, Michelle said, “I’m going to travel – I’ll pack a photo of you in my suitcase and take photos of us in all the different countries.”

Woman takes around the world trip with her late husband’s image

She and ‘Paul’ have already been to the USA, Paris, London, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Singapore; and are planning another trip in August to Hong Kong, Scotland, Wales, London and Paris. According to a report by TimesNow, while speaking to the Independent, Michelle said,  “The Paul I’ve been travelling with is pictured on our wedding day aged 34 – but it’s falling to pieces. I will be replacing my regular Cardboard Paul with a new one for the next trip.”

After Paul’s death in 2016, Michelle wrote a book about his last years titled Conversations With Paul. Another book titled Travelling with Cardboard Paul was recently launched on 25th May.


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