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Kochi, also known as the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ is a charming city in Kerala surrounded by the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. More than the stunning natural beauty and historic sites, it’s the world-class beaches in Kochi that steals the spotlight. If you’re looking to indulge in some thrilling activities or just relax and soak in breathtaking sunsets, the gorgeous Kochi beaches are here to make your vacation more exciting.

Best Beaches In Kochi To Witness The Surreal Beauty

All you beach lovers, come join us as we take you through the famous beaches of Kochi. No one will go back disappointed as Kochi’s beaches have something special for everyone.

1. Fort Kochi Beach

Pristine water with the perfect blend of nature.

Fort Kochi is a destination where culture, history, and the sea meet. The debris of Fort Emmanuel, the colonial-style bungalows along the seashore, and the Vasco da Gama Square shows the blend of cultures, from Portuguese to Dutch. The pristine water with the perfect blend of nature and adventure that it offers makes it one of the best beaches in Kochi. The most remarkable aspect about this beach is its rows of Chinese fishing nets. Fort Kochi Beach is also very famous for its Kochi Carnival. You can see several people dressed in bright colourful dresses, singing, dancing, and having a great time during the carnival. 

Distance from Kochi: 6 kms

Things to do: Boat cruising, dolphin sighting, and fishing.

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2. Puthuvype Beach

Beautiful sunset views at the beach.

If you are looking for some peace and calm from the daily grind, then Puthuvype Beach is the perfect destination as it is one of the least crowded beaches in Kochi. Its vast expanse of golden sands and calm deep blue waters makes it an ideal place for some relaxation. Tourists can enjoy the panoramic views of the Arabian Sea from the Puthuvype Lighthouse. It is one of India’s tallest lighthouses and is located close to the beach. So while at Puthuvype Beach, it’s a double bonanza, enjoying the beach as well as exploring the lighthouse.

Distance from Kochi: 16.8 kms

Things to do: Explore the beach and the Lighthouse, watch fishermen at work.

3. Cherai Beach

Golden sands and clear blue waters at the beach.

Cherai Beach, located on the northern end of Vypin Island in Kerala, is a perfect blend of sea and backwaters making it one of the most visited beaches in Kerala. Its golden sands, clear blue waters, rocks, and coconut trees makes it a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing and weekend retreats away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Like all other famous beaches in Kochi, the Cherai beach also displays a mesmerizing sunset. The icing on the cake to this beautiful beach is the Dolphin sightings making it one of the best places to visit.

Distance from Kochi: 34 km

Things to do: Dolphin sighting, swimming, sightseeing, walks along the shore, and sea-food tasting from the shacks.

4. Munambam Beach

Line of Kayaking boats laid out for the day.

Located at the confluence of the Periyar River and the Arabian Sea is the Munambam Beach which is popularly known as Muziris Beach. It is about 10 kilometres long. As it serves as one of the major fishing networks of the country this beach is largely visited by fishermen who catch a small number of fish and sell them for making a living. The beach’s beautiful environment and scenic sunsets make it a go-to spot for relaxation and picnics. Many tourists visit this beach to capture photographs of Chinese fishing nets with the backdrop of the stunning sunset.

Distance from Kochi: 38 kms

Things to do: Swimming, kayaking, kite flying and local fishing activities.

5. Puthenthode Beach

People taking a stroll around the beach as the sun sets.

Being only half a km in length and a new addition to Kochi this beach is known for its unhindered beauty. Its beautiful sunsets, swaying coconut trees, the gentle waves and golden sands offer a peaceful atmosphere from the concrete city life. It’s a relatively lesser-known beach in Kerala and hence not that crowded. This calm is what makes it one of the top beaches in Kochi.

Distance from Kochi: 9 km

Things to do: Offbeat walking routes, Sightseeing

6. Andhakaranazhi Beach

Best hidden gems among the shorelines of Kochi.

Andhakaranazhi is formed by the intersection of the Kerala backwater and the Arabian Sea. It is undoubtedly one of the best hidden gems among the shorelines of Kochi. The crystal-clear water, picturesque views of the Arabian Sea, pristine sandy shores, coconut groves, quaint lighthouse and shacks serving delicious coffee, snacks, and juice makes it one of the best beaches in Kochi. This beautiful place also serves as a perfect location for your Instagram worthy pictures. 

Distance from Kochi: 40 kms

Things to do: Sightseeing, Boating, Cultural food tour

7. Kuzhupilly Beach

Kite flying festival at the beaches of Kochi.

Located in Kuzhupilly, a village in Vypin Island, Ernakulam district of Kerala, this beach is marked with several palm trees and paddy fields making it a spectacular backdrop for clicking pictures. Along with its beauty this place is also known for its spiritual importance as there are several temples near the beach. When you visit Kuzhupilly beach, it is best if you stay until the sun sets as the views you get to witness are truly beautiful. In Kerala this beach is famous for holding kite festivals. The soft sea makes it an ideal location for swimmers.

Distance from Kochi: 29.9 kms

Things to do: Sightseeing, take part in the kite festival.

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8. Veeran Puzha Beach

Boy enjoying a swim at one of the beaches in Kochi.

The golden sandy shores, lush greenery, beautiful sunsets, and tranquil backwaters attract several tourists. Since this beach is situated close to the fishing villages, you spot several fisherman boats on the horizon and you can also get a glimpse of the local way of life with the traditional fishing methods used by the local fishermen.

Distance from Kochi: 29 kms

Things to do: Swimming, Boating, Sightseeing

9. Mahatma Gandhi Beach

Aerial view of the waves hitting the shore.

If you are looking for some great seafood tasting places in Kochi, then this place is for you. More than the beach it’s the long line of food shacks and restaurants that will grab your attention. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you have to overlook the beach and focus on food. Mahatma Gandhi Beach is a very interesting and one of the best beaches in Kochi. Apart from the mesmerizing sunsets one can also enjoy the enchanting waves of the Arabian Sea from here.

Distance from Kochi: 7.8 kms

Things to do: long walks, Sea-food tasting.

10. Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a popular hangout spot for all.

And lastly, the famous Marine Drive. This is not exactly a beach but a famous 3 kilometre-long promenade in Kochi that stretches along the backwaters. No one leaves Kochi without visiting Marine Drive as this place is a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. From the waterfront area to delighting food, from shopping to spending some leisure evenings, Marine Drive has many attractions that will keep you entertained.

Distance from Kochi: 7.8 kms

Things to do: Rejuvenating walks, shopping, boat rides, local food and enjoy the sunset.

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Kochi, a place with the perfect blend of history and modernity boasts of its own unique allure. If you loved reading this blog and have raised a desire in you to go explore the beaches in Kochi, do drop a message in the comment section below.  Let us know which beach is your favourite and why. 


What time of the year is best to visit Kochi?

The best time to visit Kochi is during winter between October and February. The cool and comfortable weather makes it the perfect time for enjoying outdoor activities and exploring the city’s attractions.

How much is boating in Fort Kochi?

Larger boats cost INR 1200/hour for 8 people and smaller boats cost INR 450/hour.

Which is the cleanest beach in Kerala?

Kappad Beach is one of the cleanest beaches not just in Kerala but also in the world.

Are beaches better in Goa or Kerala?

Both Goa & Kerala are beautiful in its own way. If you enjoy beaches, churches, and architecture, then Goa is the right place for you but if you are looking for some wildlife, nature, backwaters and Ayurvedic wellness experiences, then Kerala it is.

Which is the most crowded beach in Kochi?

Cherai Beach is the most crowded beach in Kochi as it is visited by both locals and tourists throughout the year.