If you love to travel, see a story in every street you walk, every bite of food you eat, every stranger you meet, every sunset you seek, then it’s time to combine your guts and imagination and put your creativity to the test by writing for us about your travel experiences!

Get on board with Travel Earth and become a published travel writer! Travel Earth, is a digital media publication dedicated solely to the purpose of travel. We love inspiring people to broaden their horizons. We are giving you the chance to be a part of this inspiration by relaying your various travel experiences for the world to witness.

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”
― Sylvia Plath

What Can You Contribute?

>> Travel writing – write about any of your personal travel experiences, travel anecdotes or simply weave a story around your favourite destination or favourite holiday activity.

>> Including original, good quality photos of the places you are writing about would be helpful. Please mention the image source or provide photo credits.

>> You can also provide comics, illustrations, or photo-stories around the theme of travel.–> We also accept vlogs and video compilations of your travel experiences and/or places you have visited.

>> Ensure your travel writing and other content is unique, authentic, informative and helpful.

How Do You Join Our Crew Of Amazing People?

  1. Go through the Travel Earth website
  2. Read through our articles and understand our different categories, topics, and styles.
  3. We broadly cover places, food, people, events and culture of travel. We have different categories of writing styles such as guides to places, listicles about interesting and unusual things to do, tips and advice about travel, budget hacks and guides, deeply researched pieces on various aspects of travel, opinion pieces on travel subjects – you get the idea. See which of these you can best fit into your travel writing or other creative content and contribute to us.
  4. If you want collaborations, guesting posting or sponsored posts, those are welcome too – it’ll cost you though ?
  5. Send an email to us with an introduction to yourself and why you want to contribute. Include a few topics, travel writing or other creative work samples. Don’t skimp out on the details, we want to know as much about you as possible so we can consider having you on board.
  6. You can send those lovely emails to us at writeforus@travel.earth. We will review and get back to you at the earliest.
  7. Go to Travel Earth. Explore our site – it’s a requirement to get accepted. Just kidding, do check us out though!

This is a great chance to share your travel experiences with the world and flaunt your creative travel writing and other creative skills. What’s stopping you?