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There are many places in Kerala that make for a great vacation, but nothing can match the vibrancy, modernity and the rich history of Kochi. Natural beauty, lively atmosphere, good food and the many things to do in Kochi promises for a great vacation. Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a must-visit destination for people who want to learn about the rich history of colonial India and its trading prowess. So come let’s explore and uncover the hidden gems with an unforgettable journey through the heart of Kochi with our guide. 

Top Picks From The Umpteen Things To Do In Kochi

Kochi, also Known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” has a plethora of things that you can enjoy while on a vacation with your family or even friends. Here’s a list of top things to do in Kochi that’s sure to turn your trip into a memorable one.

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1. Explore The Kumbalangi Fishing Village

Fishermen at work at the beach.

In the city of Kochi lies a beautiful island village called Kumbalangi that is just 12 kilometers from the city center. Kumbalangi is a popular tourist destination known for its backwaters and Chinese fishing nets. Many people consider Kochi’s Chinese Fishing Nets to be among the city’s most gorgeous sights. Backwaters encircle Kumbalangi, a community well-known for its ecotourism pursuits like fishing, Chinese net making, coir making, and crab farming. It is endowed with a multitude of natural marvels and excellent treatment for tourists. Additionally, fishmongers sell fresh fish, which can be cooked at a few neighborhood shacks. 

Location: Anjilithara Road, Kumbalangi, Cochin – 682007

2. Marvel At The Paradesi Synagogue

Paradesi Synagogue is the oldest active located in in Fort Kochi in Cochin city, India

The Commonwealth of Nations’ oldest synagogue is the Jewish one in Kochi. Because most of its visitors were Jews from the Middle East and Europe, they were considered pardesi (foreigners). The synagogue is known locally as Paradesi Synagogue. Of the seven synagogues, four are in Kochi; two are situated in Mattancherry and the other two on Market Road in Ernakulam city. Built in 1568, the synagogue features hand-painted floor tiles with a willow pattern that were imported from China, along with a gold pulpit. The synagogue is lit by a stunning Belgian chandelier, and its distinctive clock tower only serves to enhance its allure. It is one of Kochi ‘s famous places, hence a must visit while visiting Kochi Kerala.

Location: X745+XPW, Jew Town, Kappalandimukku, Mattancherry, Kochi – 682002

3. Spend A Day With Elephants At Kodanad

Mature and newborn elephants trained and bathed at the elephant training facility.

In Kochi’s Ernakulam district sits the comparatively modest riverfront village of Kodanad. Kodanad view point is a place frequently visited by people who want to see breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Kodanad’s unspoiled beauty draws in many movie crews as well. In addition, there is an elephant training facility where mature and newborn elephants are trained and bathed. You can take a day trip to Kodanad to witness this amazing spectacle, where you can watch the elephants roll around in the water early in the morning. Larger elephants are employed in the area for rides. A must visit place for people of all ages. 

Location: Vallom Panamkuzhi Road, Kodanad, Kochi – 683544 

4. Watch A Performance At Kathakali Center

Performer ready for the act.

Kerala is the birthplace of the ancient dance genre kathakali, which is well-known for its intriguing and vibrant costumes. The dancing style tells tales and ideas drawn from several folktales as well as the Hindu epics the Ramayana and Mahabharata. If you are ever in Fort Kochi, be sure to visit this location. A “must see” as here you can take in the breathtaking Kathakali theater, the superb Kerala Martial Arts, and melodious classical Indian music. In addition to regular performances, the Kathakali Centre in Kochi provides an opportunity to see the performers backstage as they get ready for the classical dance events. Do not miss this experience as watching a traditional dance performance is among the nicest things to do in Kochi.

Location: KB Jacob Road, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi – 682001

5. Take A Stroll Around Princess Street

Princess Street is also called as the Loafer’s Corner.

One of Fort Kochi’s oldest streets is Princess Street. The street is picturesque due to the European-style bungalows and other colonial-style structures lining both sides of it. Princess Street, sometimes called Loafer’s Corner, is a popular tourist destination since it is regarded as one of Kochi’s oldest sites. Princess Street is a must-visit if you’re looking for exciting things to do in Kochi. It provides the ideal fusion of the modern and old worlds. This area is heavily influenced by the colonial past, as evidenced by the various houses and structures of European architectural styles (mostly British, Dutch, and Portuguese) on both sides of Princess Street. Cafés, street shopping, bookstores, businesses selling handicrafts and souvenirs, and lively people are what make this place noteworthy.

Location: Princess St, Fort Kochi, Kochi – 682001

6. Go Back In Time At The Mattancherry Palace

The Mattancherry palace in Kochi, Kerala

The “Dutch Palace” is another name for the Mattancherry Palace in Kochi, Kerala. It was constructed in the middle of the fifteenth century by the Portuguese as a gift for the then ruler of Kochi. This ancient palace now houses historical artifacts from bygone eras and functions as a tourist museum. It’s a pleasant site to visit and wonder at some of the historical artifacts housed there. It is well-known for both its center courtyard and its lengthy, roomy hallways. Pazhayannur Bhagavathy, the royal family’s god, resides there as well. This two-story castle features an exquisite mural collection. The famous poetry of Kalidasa, a Sanskrit poet, has also been illustrated. A must visit place.

Location: X755+8P9, Mattancherry, Kochi – 682002

7. Admire The Colonial Architecture At Fort Kochi

Colonial style architecture at Fort Kochi.

In addition to serving as the state’s center for culture and heritage, there are a plethora of activities and sights that honor the region’s past and inhabitants. Other sights in Fort Kochi include the Santa Cruz Basilica. Numerous ancient sites, like the China Vela, the Dutch Seminary, the St. Francis Church, and the earliest church built by Vasco da Gama, can be found at Fort Kochi. The St. Francis church at Fort Kochi is historically commemorated, and Vasco da Gama’s tomb marks five centuries. A trip to Fort Kochi is a must when here.

Location: Kochi, Ernakulam District, Kerala –  682001

8. Spend Some Time At Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

Image Source: keralatourism.org

Kochi is home to the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, is a site of devotion as well as a historically significant location. It is one of nine basilicas in Kerala and one of thirty-four in India. This Keralan landmark building is well-known for its Indo-European and Gothic architectural design. It functions as the Diocese of Kochi’s cathedral church. When Dutch conquerors arrived in Cochin in the 17th century, they demolished many Catholic buildings, but this cathedral was spared. As it is one of India’s most beautiful and striking churches, this Basilica draws visitors all year long. 

Location: Bastian St, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Cochin – 682001

9. Sit Down For Some Coffee At Kashi Art Café

Image Source: yometro.com

The founding owners of the café developed it from an Old Dutch house more than 12 years ago. It has now grown and changed, but it has done so by remaining true to itself. The Kashi Art Café, which is situated in Fort Cochin, is well-known for its laid-back vibe, serene atmosphere, and sophisticated semi-court area that is lined with numerous solid wood tables. In addition to several continental and fusion meals, Kashi serves freshly ground coffee, delicious pastries, and fresh juices. The finest place to be if you want a wonderful lunch and some lovely western breakfast dishes is Kashi Art Café. Enthusiasts of coffee should find this place appealing because the coffee is robust. Here, a tiny gallery showcases pieces made by nearby artisans. One of the top things to do in Kochi is to experience the local cuisine and culture.

Location: Burger St, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Cochin – 682001

10. Hang Out At The Marine Drive

Image Source: keralatourism.org

The drive is also known as the Queen’s Necklace because of its striking resemblance to a necklace made of pearls when viewed at night from any elevated spot. Marine Drive is a roughly three-kilometer stretch that runs from the Ernakulam Boat Jetty in the south to the Jankar Jetty in the north. Once known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Marina Drive is also well-known for holding a number of festivals and events, including the Mumbai Pride Parade, the Malabar Hill Music Festival, and the Mumbai Marathon. Both residents and tourists love to visit Marine Drive because it provides breathtaking views of the harbor and the backwaters. 

Location: X7JF+4WM, Marine Drive, Cochin, Ernakulam, Kerala – 682031

11. Have A Fun Time Go-Karting With Friends

Grand Mall Speedway, Kochi

There are several places in Kochi where you may go go-karting. The magnificent Cochin International Airport has a short circuit. This location hosts weekend-long karting competitions. This is the ideal location for families with children and friends. Speedway in Grand Mall is another well-liked location in Kochi that offers go-karting amenities. You don’t have to worry about the weather to enjoy this racing activity because the arena is indoors. This activity is one of the greatest things to do while visiting Kochi, hence do not miss this.

Location: Grand Mall, Edapally 4th Floor, Cochin – 682023

12. Go Shopping @ MG Road

colorful stores with adorable goods on display

Kochi’s business center is known as Mahatma Gandhi Road, or M. G. Road. There are lots of lovely cafes, top-notch restaurants, gorgeous live bars, pubs, and other stores in the area that are all well worth visiting. MG Road is also home to the well-known Shenoys Theatre and Cochin Shipyard. It is the place to go if you want your shopping experience to be truly memorable. The best furniture, handicrafts, paraphernalia, jewels from world-class jewelers, and some of the best coir products are also available here. MG Road looks great and accomplishes the goal with its colorful stores and adorable goods on display. Among the things you can purchase are accessories, handicrafts, household goods and some souvenirs to take back home. This avenue is truly a shopping enthusiast’s paradise.

Location: M.G Road /S.A.Road junction at Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi

13. Cleanse Your Mind And Body With An Ayurveda Spa

therapeutic massages and treatments at the Ayurvedic World.

After a day of sightseeing and shopping, immerse yourself in the Ayurvedic world and discover the restorative effects of its numerous therapeutic massages and treatments. The “Abhyanga” (Ayurvedic massage) is a full-body massage that uses warm, medicinal oils that are carefully chosen according to an individual’s dosha. It is said that the massage will aid in stress relief, relaxation, and circulation improvement. Kerala’s well-known Ayurvedic massages will awaken your senses and transform you into a better, more refreshed person from the inside out. Given Kochi’s reputation for ayurvedic treatments and their many advantages, it seems right that you partake in this revitalizing pastime while here.

14. Relish On Some Thattukada Street Food

Image Source: getyourguide.com

Make sure to have dinner at one of the many thattukadas that can be found all throughout the city. Traditionally, a thattukada is a cart-stall that serves food, tea, and other drinks along with regional treats. Thattukada is another name for tiny tea shops covered in thatch. It’s a unique experience to sip hot tea and nibble on vada, bonda, or pazham pori. In addition to a wide selection of dosas, traditional Kerala dishes like parotta and vellayappam are available here. These are served with delicious vegetables or fish and beef curries. These “food on wheels” restaurants in Kochi provide good, healthful traditional food at reasonable prices. Actually, “Cheap and Best” is the best slogan for Thattukadas.

Location: Saritha Theatre, Kacheripady, Cochin, Ernakulam – 682035 

No visit to Kerala is complete without a visit to Kochi. So when putting together your Kochi trip itinerary, don’t forget to add our list of top things to do in Kochi. Now that you know it all, pack your bags as it’s time to travel to a city that was colonized by the Dutch, Portuguese and British. Do let us know what caught your attention in the comment box below.


How many days are enough for Kochi?

Kochi is one of the most preferred destinations for all. Two days is enough to explore Kochi famous places, however if you want to explore in depth, then 5-7 days should be good.

What is Kochi city famous for?

The city of Kochi is famous for art, culture, food, carnivals and festivals. It is also the most famous destination for all due to its golden sun-kissed beaches.

What are some interesting facts about Kochi?

– Vembanad Lake in Kochi is the longest (97 km and is spread over an area of about 2033 sq km) lake in India and the largest lake in Kerala.
– Vasco House in Fort Kochi is said to be one of the oldest Portuguese houses in the country.
– Kochi is the only city in Kerala that has three railway stations.
The oldest European church in the country (St Francis Church) is in Kochi.

Are Ernakulam and Kochi the same?

Both Ernakulam & Kochi are the same and often used interchangeably. The eastern part of Kochi city is mainly known as Ernakulam and the western part is known as Kochi.

When is the best time to visit Kochi?

The best time to visit Kochi is during the winter months from October to February. During this time the weather is not as hot and humid as in the summer months. It’s the best time to explore this vibrant city.