Sabah truly is a place immersed in beautiful landscapes. Every corner of Sabah will take your breath away. If you’re considering booking a flight to Malaysia, take a look at these 12 incredible images of this part of the country that will surely make you want to visit Sabah.

1Visit Sabah for Sunsets

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

The sunsets in Sabah is considered to be one of the best in the whole world. The sky turns into a beautiful shade of orange every evening putting up a spectacular show.

2Plan a trip to Sabah for the Marine Life

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

The Marine life in Tunku Abdul Rahman Bio Reserve is unpolluted and clean. The waters are so clear and are one of the best places to snorkel in South East Asia.

3Go to Sabah for Adventure

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

River rafting in between dense mangrove forests here is very special. There’s a surprise view of the beautiful mount Kinabalu at every turn.

4Visit Sabah for an Epic Sunrise

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

This is called a million dollar view! To see the sunrise from a little hill inside Shangri La Rasa Ria is to die for. As the sun rises, you get to see Mount Kinabalu in the background and a river and sea so much in sync.

5Visit Sabah for Tea with a View

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

Imagine sipping some delicious tea while staring at this view. The beautiful and endless hills of tea estates of Sabah tea is all you need to relax.

6Visit Sabah for the Wildlife

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

Go on a jungle safari on a boat in between the mangroves forest in search of the proboscis monkey which is indigenous to the island of Borneo.

7Visit Sabah for Manukan Island

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

The beautiful Manukan Island with clear waters. If you visit Sabah, make sure to check out the amazing Sutera lodge inside Manukan Island. You get a lovely view of the sunset on a private beach. [Read more: Manukan Island, the Hidden Paradise in Sabah.]

8Visit Sabah for the Borneo River Cruise

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

Don’t forget to take the beautiful dinner cruise by North Borneo Cruise for spectacular sunsets while eating some of the best food in Sabah.

9Visit Sabah for the Private Beach at Shangri La Rasa Ria Resort

Sunset by the ocean - Visit Sabah
Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

A white sand beach and the sunset as seen from the Ocean suite in Shangri La Rasa Ria in Kota Kinabalu.

10Experience Sabah on the Firefly Sunset Cruise

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

Tall coconut trees on both the sides of the narrow river which turns into a paradise just after sunsets as it hosts millions of fireflies.

11Visit Sabah for Mari Mari Cultural Village

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

A small stream inside the famous Mari Mari cultural village in Kota Kinabalu.

12Visit Sabah for its Beautiful Coastline

Photo credits: Kitty Iyer

A beautiful blue beach all ready to host you for all the water sports like parasailing, banana boat etc. You get this beautiful view by hiking 15 minutes inside the jungle.

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