We may all be grounded for now, but thanks to the miracle of the internet, we can tour the world from pretty much anywhere. Travelling might be an irreplaceable experience, but we can still bring the outside world into our homes. These virtual city tours let you explore these destinations from around the globe so that you can still feel like you’re seeing the world, even while you’re in stuck at home. So, here are 13 places you can tour virtually.

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Turn On The TV And Relax For An Hour And More With These Virtual City Tours

1You can go on a walking tour and see the sights of London

2Travel from the comfort of your couch to the “City of Lights” – Paris

3Another exciting tourist city you can see in virtual reality, is Rome

4Or you could take a virtual walk around Venice to see its famous canals and bridges

5For more Italian splendour, how about a trip to Pisa and its famous “Leaning Tower”

6Why not head to nearby Florence to explore its amazing Renaissance architecture?

7Travel back in time to the ancient Roman ruins at Pompeii

8Or to the equally exciting historic sights and ancient Greek ruins in Athens

9If you’re looking for more places you can tour virtually, why not visit Amsterdam

10But for more historic sights, go on a virtual vacation of Berlin

11And, if you want a mix of canals and beautiful old buildings, check out St Petersburg

12Or virtually explore the bright lights and crowds of New York City

13For more tall buildings, coupled with sunny beaches and glitzy views, pick Dubai

So, Which Virtual Reality Vacation Will You Go On Next?

These virtual experiences might not have found their place in our normal, everyday lives. Some might even believe that they’re a watered-down version of the real thing. But, when so many of us are confined to the walls of our homes, we must resort to more creative ways of expanding our horizons, and these virtual city tours are perfect for that. So, find a quiet spot, put on one of these relaxing videos, turn off your phone, and just get away from it all.



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