Cape Town is a city crowned with magnificent sightseeing destinations and is an extravaganza of cultures, cuisines and landscapes. When you visit Cape Town it shows you what a multicultural city it is, where people of all beliefs such as Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and traditional African live together.

Cape Town is a city that was declared as the World Design Capital in 2014 due to the human creativity which is self-evident here. It’s hard to deter travellers though from witnessing the majestic Table Mountain, beaches fit with African penguins (head to Boulders Beach for this!) and scene-shifting hotel and culinary openings.

A global seaside city awaits you.

Here’s a glimpse of the best places to visit, stay and indulge when you visit Cape Town.

Explore Cape Town

1Kruger National Park

Safaris in Africa animals, zebra, rhino and giraffe in the savannah. Kruger National Park, South Africa. - visit Cape Town

If you’re looking for the Big 5 experience when visiting Cape Town, it’s worth the shot. Take a direct flight over to the world-famous Kruger National Park. The African savanna is an experience unlike anything else, so while it may feel out of the way, it’s worth the trip and the added expense of travel and booking a lodge. This is South Africa’s largest game reserve and one of the best sanctuaries in the world.

2Delaire Graff Estate

The driveway leads to the Winery and Restaurant in Delaire Graff Wine Estate near Cape Town - visit Cape Town
The driveway leads to the Winery and Restaurant in Delaire Graff Wine Estate near Cape Town

There are plenty of urban experiences to fill a trip to Cape Town, but we recommend taking a day and leaving the city behind for Cape Wine lands. Home to an overwhelming number of wineries, stick to one or two regions like Stellenbosch or Franschhoek, and either hire a driver or book one of the many shuttle services (you’ll be happy you did after several vineyard tours).

Not only does Delaire have some of the most visually beautiful vineyards in the region, it is also is home to a Relais & Châteaux lodge and spa, restaurants and contemporary art—making this estate perfect for a day or overnight trip.

3Table Mountain

Clouds like water flowing over the cliffs of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa - visit Cape Town
Clouds like water flowing over the cliffs of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

This is one most magnificent tourist destination of Cape Town or what Cape Town is known for best. Table Mountain has earned its name from its unique and flat-topped mountains. There are numerous ways to experience Table Mountain. Adventurous travellers prefer hiking the summit while recent travellers strongly recommend using the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway instead.

4Muizenberg Beach

Beachhouses at Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town in South Africa

This beach is the coastal suburb of the city. This sandy beach isn’t too long, but the water is warmer to swim in than other Cape Town Beaches. Muizenberg beach is the place where surfing began in South Africa. The biggest attraction of the beach is the waves that make it popular with surfers. Thus, Muizenberg Beach has become a place to learn this water sport with lessons readily available.

5Cape Point

Beautiful view over the ocean at Cape Point in South Africa. - visit Cape Town
Beautiful view over the ocean at Cape Point in South Africa.

Cape Point is famous due to its spectacular scenery which is located at the very end of the Cape Peninsula. This place is a great destination with high boulders and stunning ocean views. About 250 species of birds, as well as, baboons and zebras are there for you to see in Cape Point.

This place is known as a photographer’s paradise due to the variety of plants here.

Visitors can either take a steep path walking or walk a lighthouse atop the boulders.


Colorful Bo-Kaap also known as Malay Quarter, Cape Town, South Africa

Bo-Kaap is the colourful neighbourhood also known as Malay Quarter. It’s brightly painted, uniquely-styled houses, some dating back to the 18th century, and cobblestone streets create marvellous photo options for visitors. Bo-Kaap is a multicultural area, home to Muslim mosques and shrines.

Bo-Kaap is also one among 22 of the most colourful places in the world.

7Boulders Beach Penguin Colony

A small African Penguin Colony at Boulders Bay in South Africa - visit Cape Town
A small African Penguin Colony at Boulders Bay in South Africa

When you visit Cape Town, you can’t leave without visiting Boulder Beach and cooing over the adorable penguins waddling around. Boulder is one of the places where you can walk on the beach, sunbathe or swim with penguins as companions.

More than 2,000 penguins call this beach home.

The path to penguin allows visitors to get within a few feet of the penguins. But, the visitors should not touch them, as they get scared, though they are used to humans.

Stay in Cape Town

Hotels in Cape Town to check out:

8The Silo Hotel

With ballooning statement glass windows reaching 18-feet high, allowing for expansive views of Table Mountain and the Victoria & Albert Waterfront, the new Silo Hotel is one of Cape Town’s hottest recent openings. Not to mention it sits on top of one of the largest museum collections of African Art for the continent, the Zeitz MOCAA. But let’s get back to those windows. There is remarkable interior design and vibrant, rich creative touches in every colourful room, making the inside just magnificent as the building’s exterior shell.

Why Silo hotel?

With a truly dazzling approach, it’s almost hard to leave the hotel with its wrap-around sun terrace and rooftop pool or the afternoon tea with oysters and tempura.

9Southernmost Beach Resort

This laidback luxury hotel situated on over 6 acres overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is within walking distance to all of Key West nightlife, dining, water activities, museums and shopping.

Why Southernmost Beach Resort?

With oceanfront views and gorgeous Key West architecture, Southernmost Beach Resort is the best-kept secret in Key West.

10One & Only Cape Town

First impressions are everything and One & Only has nailed the wow-factor. Sitting on the V&A Waterfront, outsize luxury is the name of the game here with large parquet flooring, spacious rooms, an award-winning spa, a multi-level “wine loft” and a price tag to match its picture-perfect views of Table Mountain.

Why One & Only Cape Town?

A great Kids Only program that offers cultural activities on-site and at the waterfront.

Indulge when you visit Cape Town

11The Test Kitchen

Rated one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2016, The Test Kitchen is set in an industrial space and is known for its two modes: light and dark dining. The experience can start off with small bites of known global dishes such as lamb roti, in the dark dining room, which is fitted with low tables and comfortable chairs, exposed brick and metal; the experience would then continue onto more modern fare in the buzzer lightroom, with dishes such as beef tartar with celery pesto.

Why The Test Kitchen?

Nouvelle Latin cuisine with a touch of South Africa in a contemporary setting.


Tucked away on the eastern side of Table Mountain, Greenhouse is part of the Cellars-Hohenort Hotel. With two tasting menus and matching wine pairings, the flavours of South Africa are continually celebrated and explored, winning the restaurant awards year after year.

Why Greenhouse?

It is known for its diverse ingredients and its expansive mountain garden views.

13Bacon On Bree

Bree Street is one of Cape Town’s best food and drink venue. When you visit Cape Town don’t forget to hop in here if you’re in the vicinity.

Why Bacon on Bree?

The newest bar on the block is dedicated to the humble bacon butt, elevated to irresistible gourmet levels.

14Woodstock Grill & Tap

Here, starting from the ground floor visit state-of-the-art brewery, dining room and a brick bar. The menu is accompanied by juicy giant steaks of dry-aged meat that comes straight from its own meat locker. It also proposes a beer-pairing menu with the brewery’s specialities.

Why Woodstock Grill and Tap?

Didn’t you read? Steaks + beer!


15Did you know?

Cape Town is home to Cool Runnings Toboggan Family Park, Africa’s only toboggan track! Instead of running on snow, this park is set on a stainless steel track.

There are several other things to see, do and enjoy when you visit Cape Town. If you have some favourites you wish to mention, please comment below. If not, just add this stunning city to your bucket list already!

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