Makeup myths have been making people rethink their products. They make us feel certain products are bad for us. Since I have been doing a wedding series, I don’t want the brides to fall for this and panic on their D-day. It’s your day and you should know what is right and what is not right for you. I am going to tell you about the makeup myths you have been listening to and probably following too. So keep reading…

Let’s Bust Some Makeup Myths!

1. Cosmetics do not expire

No it is a bizarre makeup myth. Cosmetics that you use do have an expiry date.

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Umm… They do!

As soon as you open the box, the shelf life for the product begins its countdown. The manufacturers put that on the product. Using an expired product, again and again, can cause inflammation which is not good.

2. Throw away the mascara when it dries

The shelf life for any mascara is 8 months. Yes, just 8 months. After that, you should throw it away. But if your mascara dries before that, you can fix it.

Just remember that after 8 months, you should not use your mascara as it can catch bacteria very easily that can cause a very bad infection.

3. No need to remove your makeup before going to bed

No, this makeup myth is not true at all. You always have to remove your make-up before going to bed. Your makeup can clog your skin pores and will interfere with the skin generation and moisturising process that takes place during the night when you sleep.

4. No need to wash makeup brushes if only you use them

This one is actually funny. We don’t share our clothes too, should we not wash them then? Silly!

Makeup myths are funny
Funny… So funny

Your brushes come in contact with many products. The longer you don’t wash your brushes, the larger amount of bacteria accumulates on the surface that can later cause skin diseases and infections. Wash them regularly.

5. Pumping your mascara will help you spread the product easily

Pumping your mascara in and out will only do one thing, it will let the air in and make your mascara dry in time. If you feel your mascara is dry, then the above-shown method will help you regenerate it. But do not pump your mascara, it does not do anything to your product other than damaging it.

6. Moisturising cream can replace a primer

Moisturiser only helps you keep your skin hydrated, it doesn’t help you in makeup. Primer smoothes your skin and helps the foundation spread evenly on the face. Also, it helps the makeup stay longer. Always apply a moisturiser and then a primer and then go on with the makeup process.

7. Choose a foundation that matches your wrist

Your skin colour differs everywhere. Go in front of the mirror and get your wrist near your face and see the difference yourself. Your entire body has different shades. Match your foundation to your jawline, if it matches there, it is a perfect shade for you.

Also, if it matches in one light, IT WILL match in every other light.

8. You need a foundation for a complete look

You can do without a foundation if a concealer and a primer are able to hide your acne and blemishes. The foundation is just to give your skin an even tone.

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9. You don’t need sunscreen if your foundation has it

Sunscreen is a protection from the harsh sunlight that can damage your skin. Even if your foundation has sunscreen, you still should put it separately. It is just extra protection. Makeup alone does not provide enough protection from the sun.

10. Concealer goes before the foundation

Well actually, it’s recommended to apply foundation first and then the concealer to hide the other skin imperfections using concealer. This helps you make your makeup look more natural.

11. Dark eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger

To make your eyes look bigger it’s better to apply light eyeshadows and eyeliner to the inner eyelid. Dark eyeliner and smokey effect add expression, not size. Makeup myths will never make sense.

13. Waterproof eyeliner is better than normal eyeliner

Unless you’re going to the beach, you don’t need a waterproof formula for your eyeliner. Waterproof mascaras are actually more drying and harder to get off. And rubbing them too much can damage your eyelashes.

14. Concealer should always be lighter than foundation

It is always important to match your concealer to your skin tone just like the foundation. Lighter concealers will make your imperfections stand out. Do not ever, EVER believe this makeup myth.

15. Red is not everyone’s colour

Red lipstick is perfect for any skin shade. These are garbage makeup myths. All you have to do is check an undertone of the lipstick and see which suits you better. Any shade of red is good to go for any skin tone. Don’t follow this.

makeup myths

16. Eyebrows should be darker than hair

I want to ask the people who are spreading these makeup myths, WHY…? I don’t think they have any logical reason for this. If you have light eyebrows and you think you should colour them, do it. There is no rule or scale set for shades of your eyebrows.

17. Line your lips before applying lipstick

This is a trick, not a myth. A trick to make your lips look fuller. This trick works well in photo sessions, but in real life, they look artificial. Try applying some shiny lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip. This will make your lips look fuller.

18. Expensive makeup is better

Don’t assume, you’ll get what you pay for. Sure expensive products will work good for you but so will much cheaper options. You don’t need to break your fixed deposit. The ingredients for many makeup products are more or less the same. So break these stupid makeup myths for yourself and buy something that you think will be non-harmful for your skin.

19. Makeup myths about lip plumpers

Lip plumpers are a tactic that these advertising agencies use to sell their products. Lip plumper contains hot pepper, cinnamon, menthol and caffeine, which can irritate your lips to result in a swollen effect. But it is not a treatment for thin lips. The only solution for thinner lips is to get lip augmentation done with hyaluronic acid fillers. This will last longer, not plumpers.

20. Oily skin people don’t need a moisturiser

Moisturiser is the key to keeping your skin hydrated. People with oily skin might need a light one but they undoubtedly need one. You don’t want the chemicals to be in direct contact with your skin.

21. Makeup is harmful to your skin

No, it isn’t. Makeup is not harmful to your skin. It is not! The only thing that is harmful is not keeping hygiene as a priority. Clean your brush and blending sponge, not to use expired makeup products. Burst these makeup myths for yourself. This one is an ancient myth.

These were a few makeup myths that I busted for you. So don’t fall for them and look beautiful on your day.

If you really want to know what makeup foundation is best for your skin, I might have already helped you.

Also, do let us know in the comments section if you have fallen prey to any of these myths before.


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