5 Delhi Street Food Places To Indulge All Your Cravings

The capital of India, Delhi, is also considered an informal food capital of this country. The place has always shown up a mixed culture of the deep-rooted and the new-fangled. As a result, it has been a major tourist attraction all-round the year. Its historical monuments and coliseums take forward Indian history to the next cohort. A city so bouncy with bustling marketplaces, restaurants, and cafes is a lure for the food lovers as well. Both old and new Delhi has numerous sizzling and tangy food joints that are an allure for a foodie. The streets of the food capital swarm with platters of Kachoris, Golgappas, Paranthas, Pakodas, Chats and many more menus like this. Enlisted here are five Delhi street food places that are a temptation to both the tongue and the belly.

Best Delhi Street Food Places, Let The Countdown Begin!

1.  Chandni Chowk

The ‘Moonlight Square’ or Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest markets in Delhi that stands near old Delhi Railway station. The street is home to shops that date the back to the time of the early 1870s. Paranthas are the main charm in Chandni Chowk. A traveller can get a hundred of variations of Indian bread topped with Desi Ghee.

Badam Parantha, Mirchi Parantha, Lime Parantha, and Rabri Parantha are some of the exclusive assortments of Indian bread which a tourist can find only in Chandni Chowk.

Besides the savoury Parantha, other Indian bread along with sweet dishes like Jalebi, flavoured Kulfi, Sohan Halwa, multifarious laddoos and Mysore Pak is also available to curb one’s hunger.

Food Joints:
  • Paranthe Wali Gali
  • Natraj Dahi Bhalla
  • Kake di Hatti
  • Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala
  • Bishan Swaroop
Indian street food, paranthas and fried bread in New Delhi
Indian street food, paranthas and fried bread in New Delhi
2. Delhi University, North Campus

The north campus of Delhi University serves as the best haunt for Chole-Bhature. As the students from DU flock here all the time, one can always realize the hustle-bustle of youngsters going around. The all-time hungry explorers have all they need at the north campus.

One can get a budget meal here as well. Cafeterias and tea stalls can be seen extensively in the north campus. Italian, Mexican and other sorts of coffee are easily available at these cafes. Bedmi Puri, Aloo Chat and Golgappas are the evergreen hit in this food zone.

Apart from these, timeless Maggi, Lassi, milkshakes, fruit juices and other beverages are a lure of the foodie wanderer.

Food Joints:
  • Chache di Hatti
  • Traffic Jam Juice Centre
  • Vaishnav Chat Bhandar
  • Momo’s Point
  • Bille di Hatti
Street food stall with different chaat items in New Delhi, India.
Street food stall with different chaat items in New Delhi, India.
3. Amar Colony

Located in Lajpat Nagar 4, this place is identified as the shopping nucleus of Delhi. Besides being a shopping destination, it also accommodates some of the mouth-watering food corners of the state as well.

Stuffed rolls and sautéed Momos are the handy options for travellers in this South Delhi food colony. South Indian palates, Biryani, Frankie’s, Burgers and pungent Papdi Chaat are some other options for satisfying your taste buds.

Confectionaries are an auxiliary benefit of Amar Colony. The street hosts confectionary shops of pastries, cakes, and mousse that complement an additional flavour to the hunger palate.

Food Joints:
  • Sharma Chaat Bhandar
  • 34 Chowringhee Lane
  • Nagpal Chole Bhature
  • Muttu South Indian Anna
  • D’ Momo Factory
Delhi Street Food Places
Street food at Delhi India
4. Sarojini Nagar Market

Close to Safdarjung airport, Sarojini Nagar lies in close proximity to the south-west part of Delhi. It’s huge and chockfull market of everyday needs is well-known all over in Delhi. If you want to avail all street delicacies of Delhi at one place, then this is the apt dwelling for you. Chole-Bhature, fried momos, bloated rolls, multi-coloured sweetmeats, double layered burgers, noodles, laced kulfi, spicy chaats, confectionaries and a variety of pakodas are always handy at Sarojini Nagar market.

Besides, there are few restaurants where a nomad can get Continental, South Indian, Mughlai, and Tandoori items as well.

Food Joints:
  • Kulcha King
  • Khatta Meetha
  • Mahendra Sweet House
  • Amar Jyoti
  • Khandani Pakodewala
  • Shahi Dahi Bhalla
Pakoras, street food in Delhi - Delhi Street Food Places
Pakoras, street food in Delhi
5. Karol Bagh

If you want to pamper yourself with the sweets of Delhi, come to Karol Bagh. Located at the centre of Delhi, as Google says, Karol Bagh is a mixed residential cum commercial neighbourhood known for its shopping markets.

This old food lane in Delhi is famous for its sweet and milk products. Seasoned Kulfi, various milkshakes, Falooda, Rabri, and Barfi are a speciality of this street. Bakery shops selling desserts, baked items, and assorted chocolates can also be found here.

Besides the sweet things, a variety of Pakodas, Chaats and Chole Bhature are also available for the wanderer along the roadside shops.

Food Joints:
  • Roshan di Kulfi
  • Ganesh Restaurant
  • Old Pakodewale
  • KB Chaat
  • Om Corner
  • Sindhi Corner

There are numerous other corners in Delhi (other than mentioned above) that offer street food in various flavours to the nomads. Paharganj, Ajmiri Gate, Rani Bagh, Greater Kailash and Connaught Place are several other Delhi street food places providing plenty of options for the peckish. The ravening crowd that these streets accumulate represents the food enthusiasm in its mass. The Delhi street food places with their wide variety, savour and essence personifies the city’s title as the ‘Food Capital of India’.

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