Every few years, new travel trends emerge, from year-long holidays to solo travel and even glamping. Whatever trend you choose to follow, it’s sure to bring with it a plethora of life-changing experiences. So sit back and take a look at these 6 travel trends that have taken the world by storm before you pack your bags for your next adventure.

1 Young woman having an ayurvedic shirodhara treatment.

Wellness retreats

Sometimes we go on vacation only to return more tired than when we left. Wellness retreats allow travellers to take a break from their busy lives while rejuvenating their health and truly relaxing. Spa treatments, healthy cuisines, and ayurvedic massages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these retreats.


Volunteer tourism

Some say that the best way to find yourself is to help others, and volunteer tourism takes this to the next level. Travelling around the world to help out people and places in need, this is one of those travel trends that is mutually beneficial. Volunteers get to experience life-changing experiences and immerse themselves in a different culture; all while helping make the world a better place. India, Africa, Thailand, and the Caribbean islands are some of the most famous spots for “voluntourism”.

3 Girl's Trip Women Travel Trends

Women-only groups

Combined with the rise in women solo travellers is the concept of women-only travel groups. Bringing together women of different ages and backgrounds, it allows them to share experiences and provides a safe environment for travel. As the saying goes, “why should boys have all the fun?”

4 Food travel

Culinary travel

Travelling allows us to try a host of different foods from around the world. For travellers who take their food seriously, culinary travel can take you across some delicious food trails across Europe. Italy, Japan, India, Belgium, and London are among the best destinations. Because, as we all know, food is the best way to understand a culture.

5 Glamping


Glamping is hardly the newest of travel trends. Extravagant camping that lets you enjoy nature in the lap of luxury; it’s the perfect getaway with style. Involving well-appointed tents, lush cabins, glass igloos, glamping usually comes with a hefty price tag attached. However, as beautiful as an escape into the wild can be, make sure you enjoy nature in a sustainable and responsible way.

6 Great Barrier Reef Australia, Virtual Australia Experience

Last-chance tourism 

The world is constantly under the threat of change. Whether its global warming and climate change altering the planet or ancient ruins slowly crumbling to dust, many destinations will no longer be open for tourists. The recent trend of last-chance tourism is about visiting places that could soon disappear. From the melting polar regions of Antarctica to the diverse ecosystems of the Great Barrier Reef, or even the sinking buildings of Venice, many people want to see them before they’re gone.

Are there any other trends you know of that we’ve missed? If so share them in the comments below.


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