Would like to travel more, but your budget is tight? Traveling doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are a lot of ways to save your money – from traveling off-season and early booking to Couchsurfing and buying your food in a local supermarket. Let’s see how you can make your trip more affordable with just a few Budget Travel Hacks.

Choose a Destination and Make a Plan

First, you need to pick a place that you want to visit. As we all know living standards differ from country to country. So, if you want your trip to be affordable, pick a country that has a lower living standard. Plus, be sure to make an exact plan – what cities you want to visit, how you’ll get there, what is there to see,  how much it costs, etc. This way you can set your budget and leave wiggle room for unforeseen expenses. 

Save Money on Passport & Visa Pics

Visa fees can come at a price, especially if you travel with your partner or family and plan to visit several countries. The good thing is that nowadays you don’t need to take professional pictures for visa applications, visas, and passports. You can even take a picture with your cell phone and edit it in passport photo software – there are plenty of good ones available online. And when you are done editing, you can print your own passport photos right at home. 

Travel in Low Season

Budget travel hacks that actually work

This tip will surely save you a dime. If you are traveling off-season then the prices for most expenses are much lower – flights, rent, eating out, tickets, etc. Yes, the weather may not be as great, but think about the sights that you’ll be able to see all to yourself. And you can always travel right before the season, or right after, this way, the weather will be great, and it won’t be so busy and crowded.

Spare on Accommodation

Don’t leave the booking for the last minute. It’s better to book your accommodation as early as you can. You will get the best price alongside with no fee for cancellation. If you are going to a big city, don’t search for a hotel in the center, look for smaller cities nearby, it may be cheaper to stay there. Trade expensive hotels for hostels, or even apartments. There are a lot of options, for example, couchsurfing. This way you will rent a room or a couch at a person’s house and can ask the owner to give you travel-saving tips. 

Pack Smartly

Think of everything that you may need on your trip and pack it with you. This doesn’t exactly mean that you have to take a lot of luggage. You probably won’t even wear half of the clothes that you brought, so look at the weather forecast and bring only the essentials. Also, try to make it space-saving. You can travel to the destination wearing jeans, boots and a jacket, and leave all the lightweight clothes in the luggage. 

Save on Food

These budget travel hacks will save a lot of your money

If you can – book accommodation with a kitchen. This way you can save on breakfast and dinner and can eat out at lunch. Pick restaurants that are situated remotely from the tourists’ paths. Don’t sit down in the first place that you see, wander around and check the prices. Also, one of the good signs that a place is good and not costly is if you see plenty of locals dining there. You can also buy food from a supermarket or pack a picnic with you from time to time to cut down on your expenses. 

Use Local Services

First, if you need to withdraw money from your account, see if the ATM will charge you a fee. You can find one that doesn’t, but if there is no such place, then try to withdraw a bigger sum, this way the charge will be less. Second, roaming or WI-FI can cost you dearly, so if you are dependent on the Internet, think about getting a local SIM card. Usually, it’s inexpensive and you’ll have access to all the necessary data while traveling. 

We are sure that there are more budget travel hacks that can save you money, but now at least you have these 7 to start with. Hope that they will be helpful, and you will have a wonderful and cost-effective trip.



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