Calling out all the wildlife lovers! We are back with another exciting escapade for you. This time our blog is a guide to Yala National Park. Sri Lanka boasts of having a very rich wildlife. It is one of those very rare countries where people live with freely roaming animals. This is a very unique and liberating way of living that gets appreciation from people across the world. That’s how amazing Sri Lanka is! 

Yala National Park is one such spot that gives an unfiltered glimpse of wildlife. Sri Lanka’s most popular wildlife park, this spot is home to a lot of leopards. This incredible place is more than just a tourist spot. It’s also a safe place for animals where they can roam freely and be themselves without the fear of their lives getting endangered. 

Exciting Activities! : Private Safari to Yala National Park

This park has a huge variety of animals and is therefore a great tourist spot for those who love interacting with animals. Watching animals living in their natural surroundings is one kind of an experience that is absolutely surreal and unforgettable. 

So join us on this exciting journey where we uncover the interesting points of Yala National Park and a lot more in our guide. 

About Yala National Park

Yala National Park has an amazing variety of wildlife.
Yala National Park is home to a variety of wildlife.

This park is divided into five blocks, all of which cover the stretch from the jungles to the beaches of the Indian Ocean! Interesting isn’t it? We understand that knowing that the park has five blocks must have fascinated you but you must know that only blocks one and five are open to the public. So you cannot visit the rest of the three blocks. This has been done to provide utmost protection to the wildlife by preserving their natural habitat as much as possible. Also, these three blocks are only open for professional research and filming documentries. So you’ve two blocks in this national park to explore that are more than enough to leave you amazed. 


Yala National Park has its presence in the southeast part of Sri Lanka. From Colombo, it’s a 5 hours drive.

Animals at Yala National Park 

There is a huge variety of animals present at Yala National Park.
The wide range of wildlife at this spot attracts a lot of tourists.

There is a wide range of animals that you are going to see at this spot. The animals present at this park include crocodiles, monkeys, deer, elephants, sloth bears, buffalos, birds, leopards to name a few. What’s more interesting is that Sri Lanka has more than 20 national parks but Yala National Park has the largest variety of animals among all of them. This is what attracts many tourists to this national park. It’s one of the best places in the world for spotting leopards. There are about 40-50 leopards in this national park. 

For someone who is an ardent animal lover, this spot is a must visit. Doing a jeep safari through the grassy landscapes will allow you to spot a lot of wildlife! 

How to Reach?

There is only one way to reach the Yala National Park and that is through the Tissamaharama city which is the only entrance to this park. The most convenient way to get to this city is to go by road, either by a car or a bus. Typically, tourists prefer to spend a night in Tissamaharama or Yala so that they have enough time to explore the park. 

Do I Need a Guide? 

Whether or not you must get a guide depends on your personal preference. A guide is generally not required but the drivers generally speak little or no English at all. So if you are enthusiastic about knowing this park well and think you want to have better knowledge of the wildlife here, then you can hire a guide. The guide is also very useful when it comes to spotting animals, choosing the best route and understanding how the wildlife lives within the park. 

When to go?

The best time to visit this national park is during the dry season which falls from February to June. Why do we recommend the dry season? This is because during the dry season there is less water in the ponds which makes it necessary for animals to come out to drink and increases the chances to spot them. However, if you are enthusiastic to see leopards then the peak season for spotting them is during February and March. 

Where to Stay? 

There are plenty of options available for staying at the Yala National Park. You can either stay inside the park or choose an accommodation near it. There are accomodation options available in Tissamaharama as well. From luxurious to budget friendly accommodations you will find all kinds of options to stay in or near this spot.

How many days to spend? 

Yala National Park is the perfect place for nature lovers.
At Yala National Park, you get a chance to spot your favourite animals.

The number of days you want to spend at the spot totally depends on you. There are people who choose to spend only one night while some spend three to four nights to maximize their chances of spotting animals. Typically, spending two nights is recommended so that you get enough time to enjoy the park and have better chances of spotting your favourite animals. 

Is it worth visiting? 

With all its flora and fauna, this park offers a unique experience that is absolutely unforgettable. The best part about this park is that it’s worth visiting at all times of the year. Furthermore, if you are an ardent lover of wildlife, then you just cannot miss exploring this beauty! 

Tips About Yala National Park 

Yala National Park has a plethora of scenic beauty.
At this park, you can capture some of the most amazing moments.
  • Here are a few things that you must know before visiting this park: 
    – The park generally remains closed during the month of September for maintenance. 
  • – Don’t forget to carry a zoom lens with yourself if the main purpose of your visit is to capture some amazing moments. 
  • – Carry a sunscreen with yourself and apply it as and when required for sun protection. 
  • – Carry something warm with yourself to wear in the morning before the sun is up because it gets really cold at that time. 

Final Thoughts

A visit to Yala National Park is going to leave you relaxed and refreshed.
Spend some moments in the lap of nature at Yala National Park.

Visiting Yala National Park is truly an amazing experience that leaves you relaxed and excited at the same time. Bringing you closer to nature, this spot will leave your soul satisfied and happy. If you seek moments of serendipity spent in the lap of mother nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then this is the place for you. 

We know this guide must have left you enticed to visit this majestic spot. So when are you planning to visit Yala National Park? 


Where is Yala National Park situated?

Yala National Park has its presence in the south-east area of Sri Lanka. Initially used as a hunting ground for the elite class under the British rule, it was granted the designation of a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and was designated as a national park in 1938. This national park is home to 215 bird species and 44 varieties of mammals.

How do I get to Yala National Park?

You can get to Yala National Park either by train or by road depending on your preference and convenience. 

Do I Need a Guide?

It’s said that it is better to have a guide while marveling at the charisma of the Yala National Park. This park is home to some of the most incredible animals and you are more likely to witness them if a guide is accompanying you. 

Is Yala Worth Visiting?

Yes, Yala National Park is definitely worth visiting. If you are someone who loves to surround himself/herself with nature and animals then this is a great spot for you. Also, this park has some of the most incredible animals and you have a great chance of witnessing them at this spot. 

Where to Stay in Yala National Park?

There is a wide range of hotels and resorts to choose from to stay in Yala National Park. You can choose any one depending on what kind of conditions you prefer to live in, your budget and other factors. 

Is Yala National Park Worth Visiting?

Yes, this place is worth paying a visit if you want to witness an incredible variety of animals and have a unique experience of nature and its bounties. For someone who is a nature lover, this places is one of the best spots to visit. 

What Animals Will I See in Yala National Park?

Leopards, sloth bears, jackals, spotted deer, sambars, peacocks, majestic elephants, and crocodiles are some of the animals that you are most likely to witness in this spot. For animal lovers, this national park is an amazing spot. 

How to Book a Safari at Yala National Park?

You can book a safari at this national park easily on its website. All you have to do is fill a form on its website specifying your requirements and your safari will be booked. A jeep and an experienced driver will be assigned to you so that you have a comfortable time in this national park. 


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