If I was to see the world from the sun’s perspective it would be one of the weirdest things to do but, the most interesting outlook ever. Let’s imagine together, I’m a big ball of hot gases, that radiates light and planets revolve around me – that can’t be it. I would definitely have super powers and other uses too. Oh yeah, I give Superman, Supergirl and everyone else in their family their powers. And most importantly, when I set and colour the sky however I want – I make people forget about their life and concentrate on me.

Relationship Status

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There are imaginary circles around me, I’m not even making this up – and each of my apparent complicated relationships is stuck in their own lane, with me at the centre of everything. The sad part is I get such attention from half the world, and the other half are all having fun with the moon. It’s like, I’m stuck in a lovely relationship I can never end. The only happy and constant relationship I have is with – horizon. This cutie is the lining of my life. Every day when we hold hands, there is magic in the sky that leaves people baffled. With color and excitement, we spread the love and trust me some of the best pictures come out from me setting. In human words, it’s called a sunset.

Moments that are Captured

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When horizon and I are on a date, it looks like the humans keep looking at us. They try and figure how the colour is beautiful. We have a third wheel who is there sometimes – clouds.  Clouds can be dramatic beyond words but apparently, humans love the look of us together. What tears me up though is the number of romantic proposals that have happened over centuries. Then, there are a crazy amount of photographers who click pictures of jumps, walks, and anything that creates the perfect silhouette – I envy those images. Another thing that happens when we set is the mood (If I say I, I’m pretty sure horizon will beat me up) is the drinking, dancing, and commencement of fun. Humans wait for me to set because their daily life comes to a halt and they start planning for fun.

My Favorite Place

Sunset at Suera Harbour Resort, Picture Credits:

There is an exclusive harbor that calls for people to come and see me – The Sutera Harbor Resort. There are views from the swimming pool, beach, deck and rooms. But the best thing about this place is, I have exclusive rights over how beautiful I can be and with people constantly waiting for me to set – horizon and I always put up a show. Every day we are ready to meet people and each other just because we have been said to be the most beautiful sunset in the world.

So if you are into sunsets, views, and romance – you don’t have a choice but to come to Sabah and experience colours like you’ve never imagined.



  1. A perfect way to end the day with a perfect sunset. Would love to experience this colourful sunset. Can’t wait to see this beautiful Suteru resort. Beautiful pics. writing from the Sun’s angle was a super idea. Kudos to the writer


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