Kazakhstan is a country filled with beautiful lakes! Lake Kaindy is one of the unique lakes that one can see in Kazakhstan. The lake is famous for its sunken forests that one can still see existing in the lake.

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What Is Kaindy Lake?

Kaindy Lake is among the younger lake of Kazakhstan; it was formed only in 1911 due to an earthquake. Due to the shift in the landmass a natural dam was formed that in
turn created the lake. You can still see the submerged forests for which it has become famous.

Kaindy Lake Kazakhstan.
Image Source: Radhika_Nomllers

But the question is how are those sunken trees still preserved after all this
while? Kaindy Lake is a very cold lake. The highest temperature it can go up to
is 6 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, it sits at a 2,000-metre altitude, and the cold
temperature thus helps in preserving the trees over here. The lake is also just 30 meters deep.

Best Time to Visit Kaindy Lake

I went to Kaindy Lake in the month of May. The colours of the lake were breathtaking and the area was not cold as well. Summer season is definitely the ideal time to visit Kaindy Lake. However, during this time around the lake is also quite crowded as well.

How to Reach Kaindy Lake

The easiest way to reach Kaindy Lake is to take a tour if you are travelling solo.
However, if you know how to drive then renting a car is the best way to explore Kaindy Lake.

Reach Kaindy Lake by Car

You can easily rent a car from Almaty and drive till Kaindy Lake. Try renting an SUV or a 4×4 because the road from Saty village to Kaindy is very rough and a normal car won’t be able to reach till the lake. If not, then drive till Saty village and then book SUV in Saty village.

Sunken Trees Kaindy Lake Kazakhstan.
Image Source: Radhika_Nomllers
Reach Kaindy Lake by Bus (Marshrutka)

Another way to reach Kaindy Lake is the cheapest but also the most difficult. You need a lot of patience if you are planning to travel by marshrutka as transportation is not very frequent here.

In Almaty, you need to go to Sayakhat Bus Station and take the bus that leaves early in the morning at 7 AM for Saty village. It would take about 6 hours to reach Saty and would cost around 2500 tenge. From Saty village there is a shared taxi leaving for Almaty at 5 AM.

Accommodation Near Kaindy Lake

The best options to staying the night are in Saty village. Of course, you can also camp next to the lake but the night get very colder hence the best option is to come back to the
village and stay in a homestay instead.

There is no online booking system for Saty village. We reached the village and hunted for a stay. However, getting a stay is very easy, because almost every home offers a homestay option, and will costly roughly about 3000 tenge.

Image Source: Radhika_Nomllers

The Cost to Visit Kaindy Lake

Apart from transportation and stay cost you also need to pay for an entry
ticket which is 550 tenge.

Things to Carry While Traveling to Kaindy Lake

Some of the things that are must carry while visiting Kaindy Lake are listed below:

  • Passport: Before you enter the Saty village, you will be asked to show your passport
  • Cash: There are no ATMs in Saty village. Ensure that you withdraw enough before leaving Almaty
  • Hiking Boots: Ensure than you have your hiking boots on while going to Kaindy. The path is very muddy and there are patches where it might get slippery
  • Google Translate or Russian Phrasebook: Language is a big problem. In Saty Village and beyond you will hardly get any network. So, it is better if you download the Russian extension on Google translate to use offline or that you carry a phrasebook that can help you in communicating

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Tourism in Kazakhstan is still in its initial stages. The government needs to put a lot of effort to actually make the travels in Kazakhstan a little simpler. But nonetheless despite all the difficulty the transportation is to Kaindy Lake, the place is worth it! Just be well prepared and research properly and you will be surprised how beautiful the lakes of Kazakhstan are, especially the Kaindy Lake.


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