Welcome to Coorg, the land of coffee plantations, splendid waterfalls, amazing weather, and trekking calls. Located 9 km from Madikeri is the magnificent Abbey Falls cascading over the mountainous rocks, producing a beautiful sight to behold. Whoever visits this place, can’t help but fall in love with its splendid beauty and grandeur. It was formerly known as Jessi Falls which was named after the daughter of the first British chaplain of Coorg. 

Abbey Falls is located in Hebbettageri, Coorg which falls in the western ghats of Karnataka. The River Kaveri drops at a height of 70 feet forming the falls which is surrounded by rich flora, coffee, and spice plantations. Located just 8 km from Madikeri, this place attracts nature lovers, trekking enthusiasts, travel freaks, and photographers from all over the world. Follow this guide to get all the important information on this place to make your trip memorable and joyful. 

Abbey Falls Entry Fee, Location And Timings

Location: FP59+8R2, Abbey Falls Rd, Hebbettageri, Karnataka 571201

Abbey Falls Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM 

Ticket Price: INR 15 per person

The Best Time To Visit

best time to visit the abbey water fall is in the monsoons.
Abbey waterfall is at its fullest point during the monsoons.

The best time to visit is between July and October during the monsoons. In this period the waterfall is at its fullest point and looks majestic. The beautiful scenery and the thunderous sound of the waterfall are sure to make the trip a memorable one. Nevertheless, be prepared for heavy rainfalls and slippery paths, and wear some slip-resistant shoes for safety purposes. It’s advisable to check the weather conditions at the location before you set off.

7 Fun Filled Activities To Do At Abbey Falls

1. Trekking And Hiking

It offers a spectrum of trekking and hiking trails catering to different difficulty and fitness levels. You can choose to take the guided trek or explore the paths on your own. Forests surrounding the area are still, beautiful and attract outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Photography

This place is an inspirational spot for photography. Whether you are an expert photographer or someone who just likes clicking pictures, you can apply the angles and views, along with the variation in the shutter speed, to catch the enchanting beauty of the waterfall and its surrounding areas.

3. Wildlife And Bird Watching

The Western Ghats, with Abbey Falls in it, is famous for its rich biological diversity. Do not miss the Malabar grey hornbills, Nilgiri flycatchers, and Indian paradise flycatchers among others. Langurs, macaques, barking deer, sambar deer, and other wildlife species are also found.

4. Enjoy The Mist And Spray

The Falls develop a considerable amount of mist and spray, which is extremely fresh and cool. Many travelers have a great time standing close to the waterfall and allowing the mist to fall on their body, especially during summer season.

5. Relaxation And Meditation

The calm atmosphere of this Coorg waterfall makes it a good place to rest and meditate. Find a secluded place, close your eyes, and let the gentle rain, the calls of the birds, and the rustling of the leaves wash over you.

6. Visit The Hanging Bridge

Near to the falls there is a suspension bridge that provides you with magnificent views of the waterfall and the whole surrounding landscape. The suspension bridge incorporates an atmosphere of adventure and affords breathtaking views for spectacular photos.

7. Local Food And Shopping

After visiting the falls, you can take a walk around the neighborhood and sample local food as well as buy souvenirs in nearby markets and eateries. Coorg is known for the crops of coffee, spices, honey, and handicrafts made by the local people. Be sure to enjoy the taste of local cuisines, and buy unique local products.

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How To Reach The Falls

best coorg waterfall
Image Source: 365hops

By Flight: There are different modes of transport to reach the falls. If one is planning to go by air, then the nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport which is about 160 kilometers. From this point, one may hire a taxi or board a bus to Madikeri which is approximately 35 kilometers away from the Falls.

By Train: If you prefer to travel by train, then the nearest railway station is the Mysore Junction, about 120 kilometers away from Madikeri. You can take a taxi from here to Madikeri or take a bus. 

By Road: The location of Kudremukh National Park is such that it can be easily reached by road either by hiring a taxi or taking a bus from a nearby city like Bengaluru, Mysore, or Mangalore. On reaching Madikeri, the nearest town to the Falls, one can hire a local taxi or even an auto-rickshaw, or maybe rent a bike or scooter, and take a picturesque ride to this place, located at a distance of approximately 9 kilometers. Do remember to be updated with any changes or diversions in the route, and a local map or GPS navigation would be of great use to ensure an undisrupted trip.

Nearest public transport: KSRTC Bus station, Madikeri (6 km)

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So now that you got to know everything about Abbey Falls, what more are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get going to explore the magnificent waterfalls that will leave you wanting more. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


How many steps are in Abbey Falls Coorg?

This place has around 200 steps to walk through from the main entrance to the falls.

How much time do you need for Abbey Falls?

One needs at least 2-3 hours to explore the falls to its fullest. This time frame allows you to check out this place and its surroundings with ease and comfort.

Which river is Abbey Falls on?

It is on the Kaveri River and one of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in Coorg. Kaveri is a major river flowing through southern India and is about 765 kilometers long. In addition to this, Kaveri River has many other stunning waterfalls that have become major tourist attractions.


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