For ages, women have been pressured to look perfect. So face makeup was introduced to hide their real face or identity. But I guess that’s not enough! Their bodies need to be perfect too. I am not only talking about the shape, my friend, but I am also talking about the colour. Hence, BODY FOUNDATIONS. Because imperfection in a woman’s body is absolutely unacceptable.

What Does Body Foundation Exactly Do?

Foundations are generally used to cover blemished skin and scars if any on the skin. Face and body foundations are not much different from each other. Both work to hide the imperfections. The only difference is that the makeup applied on the face is thinner than the makeup applied to the body. The makeup you use on the face might not provide full coverage to the body. Basically, density is what decides where to put the makeup.

Kim Kardashian’s Body Foundation

Kim Kardashian, in one of her interviews, revealed that she suffers from Psoriasis and uses makeup to cover it. So she has worked on this formula for a year to make a product for people who suffer from any sort of skin disorder.

It’s understandable that Kim didn’t invent body makeup. Body foundations have been there for ages now. But the thing is, should it be promoted?

It feels like a reminder that your body is imperfect and you need to hide it. WHY? On one side we tell our girls to be confident and on the other hand, we give them makeup to hide what others MIGHT NOT like about them.


People have been using this product and the reviews of the product have been both positive and negative. Keep reading:

Positive Reviews:

  • The foundation is very creamy and blends out very smoothly.
  • It comes with a brush that makes it easier to blend
  • It comes in various shades so finding your shade is not that tough.
  • It comes with a shimmer to add a little shine to your body.

Negative Reviews:

  • It is very time-consuming and you have to blend it very nicely or else you’ll leave patches.
  • It takes time to dry out.
  • Even after drying it does leave a stain on your clothes
  • It says, that the foundation can be washed off with makeup removal wipes or soap and water, but it doesn’t.
  • Its density is very thick so you have to put effort into applying as well as removing the foundation.

Is It Really Important?

Are we being hypocrites by telling our women to hide their flaws with makeup on one hand and on the other hand tell them to accept themselves as they are? Putting on makeup is a personal choice and no one can stop someone from putting on makeup or even promote them. But the truth is that by coming up with such products are we making girls confident or conscious about their bodies?

Using a skin condition to promote your product is definitely not a great idea. You are comfortable in putting on makeup and hiding it. Others might feel conscious to do that. Are you not making them underconfident? And I really don’t understand the pressure girls have on them to look perfect. With men, bathing and wearing clothes is the maximum.

ASOS as a brand has even stopped photoshopping their models and showing off their stretch marks. Because that is what the reality is. No one is perfect and I really don’t think millennials have the urge to look perfect. I might be wrong, but then travel is what millennials do and avocado sandwiches are what they eat. Spending $45 on something that tells you to hide your imperfections is not what we millennials look forward to.

Instead, we would eat and travel the world. FYI, yes that’s what millennials love to do.

Stop putting words in peoples’ mouths, we can speak for ourselves!


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