Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh – Where The Gods Sit and Chit Chat About Us Humans

Sometimes it is difficult to actually pinpoint the reason you like a place. It’s like the process of figuring out toppings on a pizza – if you were ever asked, you would choke in confusion. That is the only reason you go for the default choices, even though your head is exploding with the probability of flavours. A dash of this and a hint of that makes it irresistible. And that is the emotion you feel when you are atop Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. The idea of food, fun, and frolic brings to life everything you have ever wanted to do in life. 

Arthur's Seat Edinburgh
Photo Credit: Akaash Ampili

Edinburgh has two views that completely blind your eyes with picturesque for a lifetime – Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill. Either as a tourist, resident, or just a passerby, the hills are quite magical in their own way. Your parents’ constant nagging will be deafened by the wind that blows, your ex-girlfriend/boyfriends’ persistent quirks will be masked by the lights of the city, your boss’s high decibel voice will be replaced by the peace and tranquillity of the hill. Since you have to walk through the hustle of the busy city, when you reach the very top – you will know exactly where you came from (this is when you will know how God looks down on you).

Photo Credit: Akaash Ampili

If you were to start your journey from the Royal Mile, it will be the perfect way to hit Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. At the very start of the Royal Mile is the entrance to the Edinburgh Castle, and since we aren’t going into that for now, I will talk about that sometime soon. As you walk down the cobbled-stoned streets, your imagination sparks – you think stones are hot lava and you start jumping on the bigger and more visible ones.

The only reason you do this is that cobbled roads aren’t a thing in developing nations – no roads or stony roads is more of a cultural thing for us. Walking down the Royal Mile is an experience that will leave you culturally engaged with street performers, bloated-up with the choice of cafes and light on your wallet with shopping bags from gift shops.

Photo Credit: Akaash Ampili

The idea of a hike doesn’t even pop into your head, even though that’s what it ultimately is. If you have seen penguins walking in a line during winters, that’s how you should figure what’s going up the hill. For a big guy, it’s like you will see light at the end of your journey, for a thin guy it’s like gone with the wind literally and for those perfectly built people it’s like shut the hell up and just walk.

Photo Credit: Akaash Ampili

Grass, rocks and everything you expect will be there on the way up the Salisbury Crags – but something that you wouldn’t count for is the confusing weather. Sometimes I think the gods are really just playing a prank to see us suffer – “hahaha, these humans are so weather dependent. Who created them like this?” (An awkward silence fills heaven).

And then finally the moment that we have all been waiting for in this article – the spectacle that will take your breath away over and over again – the city of Edinburgh from high up above. Hours, days, months and years can go by – but every time you go there, the view and walk will always change – making it like your very first time. Here is where the gods sit and chill and look over the city, it is quite the view. If you don’t trust me even after reading this article, you really need to get up there.


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