Nestled in the beautiful hill station of Ooty, the Avalanche Lake is a true gem amongst the natural beauties. Lagging behind the misty Nilgiri Mountains this serene lake is a door offering solitude like no other. What catches the eyes of the nature lover most at Avalanche Lake Ooty are its sparkling turquoise waters, green islands, and diverse species of plants and animals. It is where you get that favorite book of yours and read it in solitude, listen to music surrounded by the breathtaking view of the lake, or just sit quietly absorbing the beauty and the tranquility of the place and living every moment with joy. It is also an ideal spot for a picnic, hiking, and swimming. You can even explore the lake by boat or canoe.

beautiful avalanche lake in ooty.
Lake view on a bright sunny day.

Avalanche Lake Ooty Timings, Location, And Entry Fee

Location: The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Timings: 9 AM to 3 PM (Daily)

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee but, Jeep Safaris costs 150 INR per person and 1200 INR on renting an entire jeep.

Best Time To Visit Avalanche Lake 

avalanche lake ooty timings
Sunset views to die for.

Avalanche Lake is at its best during the summer and monsoon seasons, which last from April- September. These months experience cooler weather in Ooty, with mild temperatures and the occasional rainfall. This is the best time to enjoy the tranquility the place has to offer, explore the lake, and do outdoor activities. The months of April and May provide comfortable weather conditions that are suitable for boating and picnicking. The monsoon session, from June to September, puts an enigmatic spark in the lake with rich greenery and cascading waterfalls.

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Things To Do At Avalanche Lake Ooty 

Whether you are a leisure seeker, an adventure enthusiast, or a bird lover, this serene lake has something to offer to everyone.


Boating might be one of the most cliche activities to do on a lake but we guarantee you the experience is priceless at this lake. Rent a paddleboat or a rowboat to float and bask in the beauty of nature, filled with serenity and effortlessly put you into relaxation. You will get the chance to fill your eyes with breathtaking views from the surrounding mountains and the thick green forests while you explore the lake.


Trekking in the Avalanche Region is a thrilling experience in itself as some walking trails are for different levels of difficulty, and this place offers something for both beginners and well-experienced trekkers. As you trek your way through the lush green roads, you will be welcomed with spectacular views and encounters with exotic flora and fauna.

Bird Watching 

Avalanche Lake is a paradise for bird watchers, as it receives many different species of birds during different times of the year. Rest in a nice well-shaded area by the lake and enjoy the melodious chirps of various birds. Also, observe the presence of various bird species like the Nilgiri flycatchers, fairy bluebirds, and bulbuls, just to name a few.


The splendor of this Lake presents great opportunities for photographers. Capture the fog-laden mountains and the reflection of all surroundings on the still waters, and take a look at the rich flora and fauna. 

Jeep Safaris

Board on the thrilling jeep safari at Avalanche Lake and see its stunning views. The guides will lead you to the remote and wild areas holding the rich forests, alleys, and plantations. On the way, you will encounter many wild animals like the Indian gaur, sambar deer, wild boar, leopards, and elephants in the natural safari. Catch the mighty snow-capped mountains and gushing rivers and feel alive through excitement amidst nature.

Avalanche Lake ooty
Lady enjoying the views of the lake.

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Concluding Thoughts 

Avalanche Lake Ooty, is a place that is filled with the beauty of the world and the silence of nature. This lake is a paradise for people who want to relax and rejuvenate as well as those who love the more dynamic outdoors. With every step forward, this place will mesmerize you with the splendour of various species of plants and animals, the likes of which you may have never seen before in your life. The light breeze blowing from the trees and the water lapping gently against the shores creates a tranquil environment where the mind, body, and soul are refreshed.


How to reach Avalanche Lake Ooty?

The Lake is about 28 km away from the town of Ooty and can be reached either by road means or state transport buses. Private vehicles are authorized to travel only until the Avalanche Checkpoint, from that point onwards one has to take a ride on the government forest vehicles pre-booked earlier. Tourists should be aware that the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve has the lake as a part of it, therefore, one needs to get permission from the Forest Revive office in Ooty.

How hard is the Avalanche Lake hike?

The Trail of the Cedars is the first part of the trek that involves a flat boardwalk; therefore, it is easy to travel. Also, it is easy to hike once the Avalanche Lake trail begins. The hardest part of the hike is probably finding a space to park.

Why is it called Avalanche Lake?

There was a huge landslide (avalanche) that happened in the region in the early 1800s. However the lake was named Avalanche Lake in the year 1895 by a party including Dr. Lyman Sperry as they had seen many avalanches during their stay.


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