Backpacks make your lives easy in many ways. (No! they cannot save you from Monday blues or save you if you forget your anniversary.) But they will make your life easy WHILE TRAVELLING.
Technically, they distribute the luggage weight on your shoulders. This way you save your muscles from getting cramps by dragging or carrying the luggage on your shoulders.


I cannot let you fall like this. You have backpacks for your rescue.

Previously I helped you select your backpack. Here I will tell you which ones to buy. See? Already got your back. All you have to do is, click and pay coz I won’t do that.

Let’s start!

Osprey Farpoint 55

This bag might be the world’s favourite. Why did I make this statement? Keep reading.

Osprey Farpoint 55 backpack has so many great features that other common backpacks don’t have. Firstly, it’s a unisex backpack. Secondly, it opens like a suitcase and has a suspension system. It has an internal frame, adjustable straps, padded hip-belt that makes it easier for you to carry it with comfort while trekking. Few other features like a removable daypack, lockable zippers help you to take this backpack anywhere like city-to-city travel. Farpoint 55 is actually a 40L backpack + 15L detachable daypack. If you are not interested in the detachable daypack, you can save $30 by getting the Farpoint 40, that is same as Farpoint 55 but without the detachable daypack.

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The only negative thing I found in this backpack is that the main backpack lacks external pockets. External pockets are available in the daypack but if it is detached, you might have to carry your water bottle in the hand.
Don’t be lazy, it’s just a water bottle, not a dinosaur!


Tortuga Outbreaker

Tortuga Outbreakers were released in October 2016. These backpacks have some great features like front loading, padded shoulder straps and hip-belt, external pockets that also has an organiser, internal pockets for small stuff, lockable zippers. Also, this bag has a flat laptop compartment. Some people like to carry their tablets or laptops with them, this feature is for them; others can use it for some other purpose. This a rough and tough bag so drag, throw or kick, it will still be fine.

The only thing that is negative in this backpack is that it is only meant for hiking purposes and not for city-to-city travel, mainly because of the size. These bags come in two sizes that are 35 and 45L which might be too big for city travel. They do not have a detachable daypack that can be detached from the main bag for shorter trips.

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AER travel backpacks

AER travel backpack is for those people who love to travel with one bag. It is small enough to fit the carry on requirements but if you are a non-light travel packer, this might not be the correct choice for you. You can easily carry these babies for city travel and forget about the checked baggage fees. The bag is not that huge but holds a good amount of stuff. If you pack light, nothing better than this for you.

This is a sleek one with 33L capacity and has organisational pockets that help you pack comfortably. It has external pockets for you so that you can be as lazy as you want to. A separate laptop section for 15″ laptops and also a shoe section. It does not have a hip-belt, but since you are not packing heavy, you don’t need one!

It has great looks and is very cool to carry.

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Minaal 2.0 carry-on backpacks

The bag has a capacity of 35L and is again for the light packers. Minaal 2.0 carry-on has a hip belt but that isn’t padded. It is just designed to support the weight of the bag. This bag is made up of thin material but the rigidness is not compromised. It won’t let you down on its durability and also keeps you rain-ready as well. This has a waterproof cover beneath that helps you cover the bag in case of rain emergencies. The key features of the backpack are that: it has built-in pockets for some extra stuff you want to pack and has a separate compartment for your laptop. It is sleek and stylish and you will love to carry it with you.

Another feature that makes it different from others is that it has a briefcase look at the back with a side handle on one of the sides and if you don’t want to carry the businessman look with you, you can roll the layer and take out the shoulder straps and TADA! You are ready for the voyage. It is tight and does not give you a bulky look. This is all you want in a light backpack.

Pack light and this is the best one for you 🙂

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Kelty Redwing

Affordable, comfortable and it has a few amazing features that make it a great choice for a backpack. Kelty Redwing backpack has well-padded shoulder straps and nice hip-belts for comfort in handling the weight. It has a vented back that helps you to avoid a sweaty back and also has a few extra exterior pockets. The Redwing comes in a 44L and 50L model which makes it very spacious and easy to carry anything and everything.

It is a hiking bag that has padded shoulders and back that makes it comfortable to carry. It is rigid enough to face travel trouble but is kind enough to not let you feel any damage.

Travel backpacks
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These backpacks are the ones that you have been looking for this whole time. You might find your soulmate easily but finding the correct travel backpack for yourself isn’t that easy. Well, you have it all with you now. Go on and select your style and comfort!

Do let us know in the comments section what was your experience with these and which other bags you love to carry with you.


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