Step into the splendid energy of Bangalore Palace, an enduring testament to regal vibrancy that has held Bangalore’s attention since its completion in 1878. Encompassing a vast expanse 45,000 square feet, the palace, with its amalgamation of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architectural styles, exudes a timeless grandeur reminiscent of European castles.

The genesis of this architectural masterpiece traces back to 1874 when King Chamaraja Wadiyar embarked on the ambitious endeavor of constructing a residence befitting his regal stature. A mere four years later, in 1878, the construction reached its commencement, establishing the palace as a paragon of meticulous craftsmanship and architectural finesse.

All About That Historical European Finesse

palace grounds bangalore is a must visit place
The Bangalore Palace is an inspiration of Windsor Castle.

The history of this palace will be similar to someone with a discerning eye will be able to notice elements of European castles within the palace’s design. The venerable structure is mostly an inspiration of Windsor Castle that King Chamaraja was fond of. One can also notice the inspirations from its counterparts in England and France, specifically in the intricate wooden framework that is adorned with exquisite carvings both within and without.The elements in this palace whisper a close association to the Tudor and Scottish Gothic influences which are also sourced from Britain proving the authenticity of the royal ambiance.

Nothing speaks more “English” than vine-covered walls, the walls here covered in an emerald carpet transcends the geographical confines of India. Even though the palace has a sense of Scottish grandiosity, it defies the conventional expectations associated with Indian palatial architecture. It makes you want to unravel the cultural interplay happening at one of the finest palace in Bangalore.

Why Should You Visit The Palace?

This place is more than fancy vibes, with each corner telling tales of the exceeding reign of King Chamaraja Wadiyar. The experience here is similar to flipping pages of a royal history book. There is an audio book available at the location also which you can listen to if you want to know the stories behind those intricate carvings and lush energy of the palace.

The cool part is that it is a cultural melting pot due to the varied combinations of inspiration that gives the place an international flair.that is chic and cosmopolitan. Whether you are  a culture-vulture, or just looking for a chill hangout spot with a royal twist, Bangalore Palace has got you covered!

What’s So Great About The Bangalore Palace?

bangalore palace history
jaw dropping visuals of the palace.

The palace has many unique and tailor made artifacts that perfectly fit the measurement goals! Like the horse-show-shaped weighing machine chair. These jaw dropping visuals are like instagram filters for real life and a unique experience to have.

Just when you think you have seen it all, you will notice the intricate details like the graceful paintings on the ceilings, antique vases, portraits of former monarchs and paintings by Raja Ravi Varma! This is truly a feast for the artsy folks.

The contrast game is very strong here, with the vibrant downstairs setting and the more reserved and humble upstairs. One of the section’s that will grab your attention is the Maharaja’s Courtyard coupled with a vibrant Azulejo tiled-bench and soothing fountain that blend together to give you a sensory experience.

Bangalore Palace Entry Fees And Other Information

best palace in bangalore
Inside views of the grand palace.

Bangalore Palace Timings start from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and visitors must remember that this place and its detailing take about 1.5 to 2 hours to be fully taken in.

Bangalore Palace Tickets cost INR 240 for Indian guests and INR 480 for non-Indians guests.

How To Reach?

The palace is located smack dab in the middle of Chamrajpet, this place is like the heartbeat pumping the city and reaching here is easy thanks to the multiple options available at your disposal:

Enjoy The Scenic Route Via Taxi – The palace is centrally located and lies in the Vasanth Nagar area near the Mount Carmel Institute of Management. You can pin the location on the hired vehicle.

Absorb The City Ramble Via Bus – BMTC buses 287, 287B, 287C, 287D, 287E, all of these number buses go to the palace.

A Peek Inside The Grand Palace

The palace effortlessly asserts that sophistication transcends mere quantity by standing proudly with just 35 rooms dressed in a fusion of wood and granite.

If you are someone who has a wider perspective then you are sure to notice that the abode is similar to a chessboard, splitting the rooms into two zones – the public and the private. The entrance from the left side unveils the grandeur where all the magic actually takes place.

Now, let’s speak about the mysterious and private Maharajas’ turf – It’s got everything that is luxurious, the private area boasts of a swanky entrance leading to the VIP lounge – a realm of exclusivity where the details screams of refined taste. The space casts a warm glow over you as you witness the timeless sophistication in the form of ornate craftsmanship that cascade from ceiling to floor. There is a lot more to this palace and we have a list of the top picks right here for you:

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Exploring Timeless Corridors, Unveiling The Beauty Of Antique Cases And Pictures

bangalore palace entry fee
A symbolic landmark in the heart of Bangalore.

Walls here are decked up with vibrant patterns and chandeliers swaying from the ceiling that leave you ogling. The walk through the corridors here deserve its special moment in the limelight.

There are more that 30,000 photos that are adorning the walls here and they are all lensed by the maestro Raja Ravi Varma across the centuries. The visual journey through time is a treasure trove that speaks about the tales from the past. The entire collection here is a dedication to the Wadiyar dynasty and how it has blended with the evolving city of Bangalore, making it a perfect visual odyssey.

1. Corridor Of Royalty, Bangalore Palace’s Gateway To Grandeur

Right smack in the middle, you have the GandaBherunda which is the Wadiyar’s symbol. This mythical two-headed bird symbolically holds down the fort or at least seems to. As your eyes wander around and you proceed to a visual discourse, you will see something that exceeds aesthetics – An amalgamation of an elephant’s head and a lion’s body. The presence of both asserts a strategic meaning, something that symbolizes dominance and power. Make sure to acknowledge the flair next time you are here with a nod!

2. Wadiyar Palace’s Ballroom – Where Heritage And Glamour Converge

The history-infused elegance in this ballroom will sweep you off your feet, this room is beyond the definition of a room; it is a majestic soiree that intertwines with melodies of live orchestras that still echoe as past memories.

This Ballroom is a masterpiece adorned with exquisiteness – Mirrors lining the walls reflect the movement of light ever so gently and the ambiance here is a mix of vintage charm and timeless allure. When you are in the room you truly forget that you are in a metropolitan city and lose yourself in the enchantment of the moment.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are someone who likes conventional architecture or someone who gets bored of it, the Bangalore Palace  stands out with its grandeur and humbles you just enough to deliberately pause and appreciate the aesthetic dance and patience of the craftsmanship hidden behind every corner. So next time you are in the city, do not skip this attraction as it could entice your mind and provide a positive push to your inner creativity.  


What to see in Bangalore Palace?

Each nook and corner here screams of royalty, from the jaw-dropping Ballroom to the charming wooden spiral staircase. Every aspect of the decor here is like a grand opening into a Netflix series, especially the stained glass magic!

How to reach Bangalore Palace by metro?

Head to your nearest metro and hop onto the metro station, take a quick cab ride – you’ll be at the palace in no time!

What are the Bangalore Palace entrance fees?

The entry to the palace costs INR 240 for the Indians and INR 480 for the non-Indians.

What is the best time to visit Bangalore Palace?

Make sure to plan your visit in the morning hours to soak up that chill vibes and not be bothered by the crow, after all you can feel like a royalty only when it’s just you enveloped by that grandeur.
You can also visit in the evening just before the sunset to catch the golden hour which will be the perfect time to get those insta-worthy shots!


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